Company H

2d Battalion, 26th Marine Regiment


1966 - 1970

DaNang (1stMarDiv)

    Operation GULF was a Battalion(-)(Rein) search and clear operation that was conducted along the upper reaches of the Song Cu De in Elephant Valley.
   Following an abrupt termination of Operation GULF 7 March, the 2dBn 26th Marines 'ALFA' Command Group and three companies [Co's E, G and H] were airlifted to Dong Ha on 8 March for committment to Operations PRAIRIE II AND III.   Thus 2/26 ALFA was now fighting near the DMZ under OPCON of the 3d Marine Division.
  The 2/26 'BRAVO' Command Group with Co 'F' stayed under OPCON of the 1st Marine Division, with responsibility for the northern portion of the DaNang TAOR.   joined OPCON of Co 'D' 1/26 and   

1. LeMy (Hill 190)"

2. Operation GULF

3. Operations PRAIRIE II & III

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 21 JAN 1967 -
10 APR 1967

 Memories to Share

Ray Rupp -- WpnsPlt
Robert Jaramillo -- 1stPlt

 Command Chronology

Updated: 16 Jun 2002
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                           LeMy (Hill 190) - NamO Bridge

                           Operation GULF    (04 Mar-07 Mar 1967)

                           Operations PRAIRIE II & III    (08 Mar-31 Mar 1967)

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