Company H

2d Battalion, 26th Marine Regiment


1966 - 1970

Phu Bai (3dMarDiv)

In late September, MACV received reports of 'an unprecedented rapid buildup of enemy forces ... along the entire length of the DMZ.'   In response, III MAF reshuffled Marine units thoughout Northern I Corps.  The 3d MarDiv moved North into Thua Thien and Quang Tri Provinces, and the 1stMarDiv assumed responsibility for both the DaNang and ChuLai TAORs (tactical areas of responsibility).  On 10 October, 3dMarDiv opened its Headquarters at the PhuBai base and took Operational Control (OPCON) of battalions operating in that locale.  On 11 October, 2/26 moved North from DaNang to PhuBai.  After operating for a short period just south of PhuBai, the battalion began on 29 October Operation Pawnee III  in the PhuLoc District, north of the strategic Hai Van Pass, with the mission to keep Route 1 open between DaNang and PhuBai.

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PhuBai is in the Upper Left grid.  At the Lower Right, Hwy #1 crosses the HaiVan Pass and drops down to the NamO Bridge in DaNang.
From Left-to-Right:       [1 grid = 5 nautical miles]
--Opn BACON was in the 'YD' grid.
--Opn PAWNEE III extended from Co.H base (mid 'ZD' grid), East to LangCo Bridge.
--"Turkey Ridge" (so named because we were there on Thanksgiving) is North of Route #1 on the peninsula below the 'G' in GULF.

1. Operation BACON (19 Oct - 28 Oct 66)

Company H's OpArea was a triangular plain bounded on the West by the Troui River, on the Northeast by a bay, and by a dense jungle rising to a high mountain ridge in the Southeast [YC-ZC to ZD, elevation ~1000ft].  Near Hwy 1 the mountain slope was grassland, perhaps 4/5 of our climb to the summit, before entering a mountainous jungle.

October 19:  We trucked from PhuBai and dismounted at the Troui Bridge.   Turning South, we moved on foot along the dirt road paralleling the Troui river and entered the gap where the river cut into the mountains [base of the 'YC'].   Here, at the edge of the Jungle, our progress was measured in yards per hour.   Hard work, and lots of brush cutting. Later we withdrew from the gap, and moved North across the plain towards Hwy 1.  We established a Company Base Camp on one of the hills bordering Hwy 1 [I believe it was the Hill labeled 162].

2. Operation PAWNEE III (29 Oct 66 - 24 Dec 66)


3. Phu Loc -- Marine Corps Birthday

LtCol J.M. Cummings at Co.H's basecamp on the Marine Corps' Birthday

 12 OCT 1966 -
24 DEC 1966

 Memories to Share

Peter Mohan &
Mike Dziokonski -- 2dPlt

John Jones -- 1stPlt
John Kornaus -- 1stPlt
Capt. Sykes     

 Command Chronology

Updated: 27 Oct 2000
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                           Operation BACON -- Truoi Bridge

                           Operation PAWNEE III -- Turkey Ridge
 PAWNEE III Area Of Operations
 3dPlt at PhuLoc
 Company Base

                           Marine Corps Birthday    Nov 10, 1996   -- Phu Loc --

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