Company H

2d Battalion, 26th Marine Regiment


1966 - 1970

Deployment -- USS Bexar (APA-237) -- The Embarked Period
  2/26 "Sailed" as part of an Amphibious Squadron from San Diego.

Company H was the primary embarked force aboard USS Bexar (pronounced "Bear").   Though Marine radio and maintenance detachments were onboard, they would be off-loaded at Okinawa.  The Battalion was headed for an assault landing South of DaNang, where "Hotel" would be the "Assault Company."

The transit was slow, with brief stops at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and at White Beach, Okinawa.  The weather was hot; shipboard life was confining; and military instruction relied on FMFM 3-5(?) "The Marine Rifle Squad."  We learned a couple of Vietnamese phrases.  There was plenty of time for reading & chess, and of course, for a mid-Pacific boxing "smoker."   Who do you think won -- the Navy or Marines?

Finally, D-Day.  As we approached the coast of Vietnam our Amphibious Squadron went to "Battle Stations," and Company H went to "Debarkation and Boat Stations."   We were set to go over the side!

But woah, "everyone on the port side -- move starboard."   3dMarDiv needed reinforcements.   The landing was cancelled; our PhibRon was directed to steam North and offload at DaNang.   Company H was first ashore.  2dPlatoon (GySgt VanWinkle) had the lead, and moved immediately into the field as the "blocking force" for a 3dMarDiv operation.

 27 JUL 1966 -
26 AUG 1966

 Memories to Share -- "The Embarked Period"
'Doc' John Kornaus -- 1stPlt
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  USS Bexar APA-237 
  Lazy Days At Sea    Mid Pacific Boxing Smoker 
  Debark Stations Off DaNang    Away All Boats - 2dPlatoon in Lead 

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