What's New On The Company H Website


10/13/03 1.  Added New Links To Info Sources in The Skipper's Seabag--
    Check Out Bill Hancock's Oral History

07/27/03 1.  Added Link To Joe Hughes' Photo Gallery in the Skipper's Seabag--
    Check Out 'Who We Are!'

07/12/03 1.  Added New Photos to Reunion 2003 --
    Check Out Ray's Moves on the Dance Floor
      and Tom Lehner's 'Ode To Dong Ha'.
      I'll add captions down the road --Let me know if you have a favorite!
    Thanx to Larry Martin, Joe Hughes, Doug Schlepp and Larry Sekscenski for the photos.
2.  Will Post 1:50,000 Map Sheets PhuBai page later in the week.

07/09/03 1.  Moved 'WHATS NEW' section into Skipper's Seabag.
2.  Updated Reunion 2003 photos.
3.  Opened Opns LIBERTY I & II page -- Cmd Chronology Completed,
    additional maps and narrative to be added later.
4.  New Photos added to PRAIRIE, CANYON and BIG HORN pages.

04/27/03 1.  Moved Site to new server for additional capacity.  
2.  Additions to 2003 Reunion 'Who's Coming' List.
3.  Changes On Main Menu to begin capturing full Combat History.
4.  Earlier Opened the Skipper's Seabag to add special notes and historical detail.
5.  Added new link to Marine Corps History and Museums Division website -- Good Info!

01/27/03 1.  Updates throughout the Site.   New style for NOMADS to contribute Memories.
2.  Opened Camp Pendleton & Camp Evans Pages.
3.  Added After Action Reports for: Operations CANYON, BIGHORN, SHAWNEE and HICKORY.
Source data was poor quality and required scanning as photos of the After Action Reports.
The reports will be slow to download to your computer.  I will try and retype them later
in order to improve their quality and speed of downloading.

01/23/03 1.  For our Reunion 2003 Page -- Click on the 'Once A Marine' Reunions Button.
Once there, click on the 'Who's Coming' button for Reunion 2003 Info and a List of Who's
Coming.  We will provide links to your Email address on the 'Who's Coming' List so that you
can begin making plans for get-togethers with old friends.  There is also a schedule of events
and links to the hotel's web and transportation sites.   Let us know if more is needed on this
page.  We'll keep it up to date as we head toward the Reunion.  Semper Fi!!!!

07/02/02 1.  Continued Additions to DaNang (1stMarDiv) page --Expanded Cmd Chronology.
Conducting concurrent research on Opns CANYON, BIG HORN and SHAWNEE (but that page not yet opened).
Making scan of maps and testing scan of After Action Reports.
2.  Added PFC James Michael Aston's name to our Memorial Page (KIA 19 Mar 1969).

06/20/02 1.  Opened the DaNang   21Jan1967- 10Apr1967   Page with Phil Hirsch's Photos and the Command Chronology.   This is the period where 2dBn 26thMarines split its Command Group to become 2/26 ALFA and 2/26 BRAVO.   ALFA stayed in the DaNang TAOR under 1stMarDiv; BRAVO fought under the 3dMarDiv, making a Helo Assault on the coast and then moving to CamLo and fighting near the Rockpile.
I will shortly update this page with the Operation Names, Maps, and After-Action Reports.
2.  Added Phil Hirsch's Photos to the Opn Pawnee III Resource section.
3.  Added Doc Kornaus' Memories-to-Share on Operation HICKORY.

04/01/02 1.  Added New Pictures to our Reunion Page.  Sorry that I am missing a few names.   If you have photos or can identify someone that I have missed, please let me know.   I have also inserted a Newspaper article for PFC Chin's burial at Arlington.    It is on the 2dPlt's 2001 Cemetery photo.
2.  John (Jonsey) Jones has met Bill Hancock's challenge and added his contribution to the "Memories" section or both our Pawnee III and Hickory pages.   Please take a look.    If you have any memories to share. please let us know.   Don't worry about "smoothing-out" the words -- just get your ideas down and we'll help.    Hell -- most of us can't read anyway!
3.  Added new photos on both the BACON-PAWNEE III and HICKORY pages.   I will be adding a series of photos contributed by John Jones and Phil Hirsch later this week.
4.  You'll see a new icon on our page for the Top 100 USMC Web Sites.   Click it once and then return here.    That will help in locating our missing brothers by getting our name at the top of search engines and on links from other sites.

03/16/02 1.  Completed our Memorial Page.  Now I need your help to make sure it is accurate, and that we can keep it up to date.   If you have photos or info that will enhance our memory of these nomads, please let us know.
2.  Bill Hancock has set the pace in his contribution to the "Memories" section of our Hickory page.   Please take a look.   Now, how about you guys sharing your memories-- of Hickory and our other "picnics."   Don't worry about "smoothing-out" the words -- just get your ideas down and we'll help.    Hell -- most of us can't read anyway!
3.  For those serving after 1967, we'll change the logo and expand our pages--    But we'll need input!   Let us hear from you!   And, please tell your Company Commanders that they're "welcome on-board." --They can lend a great hand in helping to shape an overview for each of us to "flesh-out" with our memories.
4.  Working on the Reunion Page this weekend, and adding new Photos in most sections later this week.
Your comments are always welcome.   Just click on one of the Email popups.

03/11/02 1.  Added new Photos on the Operation Hickory Page.
2.  Working on the Memorial and Reunion Pages, and adding new Photos later this week.
Your comments are always welcome.   Just click on one of the Email popups.

03/11/02 1.  Moved the What's New Button and started a Memorial Page for our "lost in action" brothers.
2.  Plan work on the Memorial and Reunion Pages, and adding new Photos later this week.

03/01/02 1.  Welcome to our new Company H Organization WebSite.
2.  Started the Operation Hickory Period with Command Chronoloogy and Article.
3.  Please check here frequently as we will be growing.
    If you can identify names of our casualties in the Chronology, please let us know.
4.  If you have photos or info that you want to contribute to our website, please let us know.

03/18/01 1.  Added Operation CHINOOK page & Command Chronology.
2.  Continuing Construction of PhuBai page.

03/18/01 1.  Updated Who's Coming Section of the Reunion Page.
2.  Added Cpl Ron Wickersham's comments to DaNang B&W Image 4
    -[MightyMite mining incident].
3.  Added comments to PhuBai Memories.

10/31/00 1.  Added photos to Resources section for the PhuBai Page.
2.  Continuing development of PhuBai Page.  Much remains to be done.
Work will be on-going.

10/27/00 1.  Finished 'COMMAND CHRONOLOGY' section for the PhuBai Page.
Check out the 'NARRATIVE SUMMARY' at the end of our 'Chronology'.
2.  Continuing development of PhuBai Page.  Should have sharper Photos,
and the overall section will be mostly complete by Sunday evening.
Please help in identifying individuals

10/18/00 1.  Added 'COMMAND CHRONOLOGY' section to DaNang and PhuBai Pages.
    What do you think?  Can you match up with the TuyLoan 1:50,000 map?
2.  Continued development of PhuBai Page: Please help in identifying individuals
    on Platoon Photos taken at 1966 MarineCorps Birthday.

10/16/00 1.  Posted 1:50,000 Map of TuyLoan Area in DaNang Resources Section.
2.  Posted Initial entry for Embarked Period 'MEMORIES".
3.  Continued development of PhuBai Page: Beginning Narative, Orientation Maps and
    first rough-cut of Platoon Photos taken on 1966 MarineCorps Birthday.

10/09/00 1.  Posted 2dPlatoon Reunion Notice.
2.  Completed Composite Map for the PhuBai: TrouiBridge to TurkeyRidge period.
3.  Continuing development of the PhuBai Page on a day-by-day basis.
10/05/00 1.  Added names and posted two additional photos from the May 2000 Reunion.
2.  Visited MarCor Historical Section and obtained extracts of the 2/26 Command Chronology for the period Aug 66-Feb 67.  There were no copies of the Chronology for earlier periods, and the info for Aug and Sept is sketchy.  But it is a start!  Mostly an extract of radio messages, it will give the date and time for many of our contacts, sometimes a clue about what was going on, and often, the location (within 100m) for our WIA/KIAs.
3.  Will try to make headway on the PhuBai: TrouiBridge to TurkeyRidge period this weekend.  Don't expect anything before Sunday.
10/02/00 1.  In 'Memories' on our PhuBai Page, included 1stPlatoon Corpsman John Kornaus's transcription of a Stars & Stripes article on Pawnee III (vic. Turkey Ridge).
2.  Finished 'first-trial' for the Reunions-Event page.
3.  Next weekend will focus on the PhuBai: TrouiBridge to TurkeyRidge period.
09/18/00 1.  Added two new Icons on the Home Page.
  --A "New" Icon to serve as a gateway for identifying updates on our site.
  --A "Reunion and Events" Icon where Event Coordinators' can post announcements,
      "write-ups" and photos of Co.H Reunions.  The Icon is present -- the page will be
      posted incrementally during this week.
2.  Placed Narrative above "Table Of Contents" to explain the Site's Organization.
3.  Renamed "Unit Diary" to "Memories."  On the DaNang Page, included
SSgt Ray Rupp's Article, "Ambush on the Song Cue De" -- our first "Memory" contribution.