Extracts from the 2dBn 26th Marines Command Chronology
Company H

  17-18 Jan:  2dBn 26th Marines remained at PhuBai resting and preparing equipment for movement to DaNang.

  19 Jan:  The Battalion command group with Co.H arrived in DaNang and along with Co.F, which arrived two days prior, chopped OPCON to the 1stMarDiv.   Companies E and G remained at PhuBai.

  200200H Jan - Co.E and G, along with the remainder of the 3dMarDiv CP area, received an undetermined number of 81mm mortar rounds resulting in 1 USMC WIA from Co.E and 5 USMC WIA from Co.G.

 21-23 Jan:  Companies E and G, respectively, proceeded to DaNang.

Explanatory Comments are highlighted in BLUE;  our Casualty events are shown in RED.

22 Jan

220800H -- 2dBn 26th Marines, relieved 3dBn 7th Marines in the North-West Sector of the DaNang TAOR.

22-24 Jan

All units maintained defensive positions and conducted patrols and ambushes in assigned TAOR.   There were no significant events.

25 Jan

All units maintained defensive positions and conducted patrols and ambushes in assigned TAOR.   Significant incidents noted below.
-- 250954H  G Co. patrol found 60mm rd connected to trip wire.   Mine was 2 ft. off trail covered with rocks.   Blown in place.
-- 252012H  H Co. spotted 3 VC 200 meters west of their position at 892816.   Patrol opened fire, fire was not returned, and area searched with neg contact.

26 Jan

All units maintained defensive positions and conducted patrols and ambushes in assigned TAOR.   Significant incidents noted below.
-- 260920H  G Co. patrol found a one pound block of TNT rigged to old radio battery.   TNT was well camouflaged.   Blown in place.
-- 260920H  G Co. patrol came across stream at AT925874 where a water buffalo charged point man.   Man shot water buffalo in head from 5 feet.
-- 252012H  H Co. patrol spotted 3 VC moving South to North at AT890823.   Patrol fired on 3 VC who fled North.

27 Jan

All units maintained defensive positions and conducted patrols and ambushes in assigned TAOR.   Significant incidents noted below.
-- 270910H  G Co. patrol received 6 rd S/A fire at AT945872.   Unable to find sniper.
-- 272045H  H Co. patrol spotted 2 VC approaching rear of another patrol at AT913813.  Patrol opened fire with no fire being returned.  Searched area with neg results.

28 Jan

All units maintained defensive positions and conducted patrols and ambushes in assigned TAOR.   Significant incidents noted below.
-- 280835H  A Tank ran over an AP mine at AT874828.   No damage to tank or to any friendly troops.   (H Co. was moving into Elephant Valley,  This is where the german shepherd Scout Dog jumped down from the rear of a tank and broke his nose-- requiring a MedEvac.)
-- 281230H  H Co. patrol found two bunker-like caves at AT860855.  One cave showed signs of recent activity and when blown with C-4 had a secondary explosion.
-- 281347H  MedEvac called for member of G Co. with heat exhaustion at AT940901.
-- 281211H  At AT857855, a member of H Co. patrol stepped in a punji pit causing wound in left knee.   Wound was treated by corpsman and punji pit destroyed.   1 USMC WIA.
-- 282158H  G Co. patrol heard an explosion which sounded like it came from road.  Will check out road at first light.

29 Jan

All units maintained defensive positions and conducted patrols and ambushes in assigned TAOR.   Significant incidents noted below.
-- 290715H  Reference incident at 282158H: Two bridges blown at AT936906 and AT936903.
-- 291300H  A member of E Co. patrol passed out from heat near CAC32 position at AT930716.  Individual MedEvaced.

30 Jan

All units maintained defensive positions and conducted patrols and ambushes in assigned TAOR.   Significant incidents noted below.
-- 301945H  CAC 15 ambush heard sounds in treeline, opened fire on suspected 3 VC at AT907824.  No fire returned.  Area checked with neg results.

31 Jan

All units maintained defensive positions and conducted patrols and ambushes in assigned TAOR.   Significant incidents noted below.
-- 311025H  The night before at AT915710 a three man VC political team was seen handing out propaganda leaflets.   Village Chief brought 3 pamphlets to Echo CP and Village Chief was asked to turn in all leaflets he can recover.
-- 311645H  H Co. patrol point man triggered a trip wire along a cow path..  Explosion magnitude of M-26, but wounds appeared to be buck shot in both legs.   Area searched with neg results.   1 USMC WIA.
-- 312025H  F Co. patrol observed a boat at AT918836 crossing river to a known VC fording area.   Patrol opened fire with neg results.   Boat disappeared from sight.
-- 312245H  G Co. patrol point man spotted VC crossing road at AT943912.   Patrol opened fire with neg results.

01 Feb

2dLt B.E.C. Fellinger, 2dPlt H Co., transferred to Bn HQ for duty as S-5 (Civil Affairs Officer).
F Co. continued to be under the operational control of 2dBn 4thMarines for Operation INDEPENDENCE.
-- 010010H  H Co. patrol observed 3 VC at AT917825.  The patrol opened fire with approximately 60 rounds of 7.62mm from ambush at AT918825 resulting in 1 VC KIA.   The area was searched at first light and one .45 cal. pistol and one ChiCom grenade were found.

03 Feb

-- 031930H  G Co. patrol observed two individuals moving from their proposed ambush site.   The patrol leader and one other man moved forward to check the area.   Upon their return to the main body of the patrol a member of the patrol fired on them resulting in one Marine being wounded.   The wounded Marine was MedEvaced.
-- 031750H  Received call from 9thMarines to have two platoons and a Company Command group from the reserve company ready to be helo lifted to assist recon unit, which is under fire, and a helicopter which was down at the same location.
-- 031820H  H Co. platoon helo-lifted to assist the recon unit, the remainder of the requested force was not required.

04 Feb

The H Co. Platoon which was sent to assist recon unit returned.  Two non-battle-casualties were sustained in the operation.
-- 041310H  H Co. patrol member had an accidental discharge with a .45 cal. pistol which resulted in a self-inflicted wound in the left rear thigh.

05 Feb

-- 050043H  H Co. patrol moving into their ambush site at AT885767 when movement was heard to their direct front.   The squad opened fire at a range of 50 meters on an estimated 12 VC.   They expended 150 rounds of small arms and 3 M-79 rounds and received 50 rounds of automatic fire in return, resulting in 1 USMC WIA.

06 Feb

-- 061035H  H Co. apprehended one detainee at AT891763.   The detainee was delivered to the III MAF brig.

07 Feb

-- 071025H  CAC 11 patrol apprehended one female at AT909783.   The partrol confiscated approximately 200 lbs of boxed rice and VC leaflets.   The rice was taken to District Headquarters and the leaflets delivered to Battalion S-2.   Detainee was delivered to the III MAF brig.
-- 071155H  F Co. returned from Operation Independence.   The Company sustained 10 WIA and 1 KIA during the operation.

08 Feb

H Co. provided a 29-man security force for hydrographic survey party on Hai-Van Penninsula.   Unit was helo-inserted at AT997937.

10 Feb

-- 101600H  H Co. Marine carrying a box of ammo on his shoulder slipped and fell, the box of ammo striking his arm, resulting in a possible fracture.   The Marine was MedEvaced to 1st MedBn.

11 Feb

-- 112400H  F Co. chopped OPCON to the 1stMarines for Operation STONE.

13 Feb

-- 132040H  E Co. L.P. apprehended one female carrying 10 pounds of meat.   The meat was delivered to District Headquarters and the detainee was delivered to the III MAF Brig.
-- 132205H  G Co. discovered two VC attempting to breach the perimeter or setting boobytraps in their wire.   The VC fired two rounds and the sentry fired 20 rounds of 7.62mm.   The area was searched with negative results, the sentry received a minor wound.

14 Feb

-- 140935H  E Co. patrol detonated a ChiCom grenade at AT888715 resulting in four USMC WIA, two of which were MedEvaced.
-- 141942H  H Co. patrol ambushed one boat at AT864843 with 4 VC.   The patrol opened fire at a range of approximately 25 feet resulting in 2 VC KIA (conf) and 2 VC KIA (prob).

15 Feb

-- 150915H  H Co. patrol received fire from approximately 6 VC from AT875844 resulting in 1 USMC WIA.  (Cpl Thomas Harry Baker.   We thought Tom would be ok.   Then several days later, we learned that he died of wounds aboard the hospital ship)

16 Feb

-- 160730H  An LVT river patrol observed a fast moving boat which was heading toward the village of NAM'O.   The patrol fired about 20 rounds of small arms in front of the boat at AT928838.   The boat proceeded to the village and put in with other boats.   The river patrol called for assistance from H Co.   A patrol was dispatched to check the village and apprehended one male with a wound in the right arm and one female.   The male was turned over to ARVN investigating officers in DaNang and the female was delivered to DaNang police for an ID card check.   The male was determined to be an ARVN deserter.
-- 161200H  Boundaries of some Company TAORs were changed and some Company Units relocated to enable the Battalion Commander to have one complete company in Battalion Reserve.

18 Feb

-- 181415H  F Co. returned from Operation STONE.  The Company sustained 7 WIA and 1 KIA during the operation.

19 Feb

Capt. J.J. Rozman assumes command of H Co.  Capt. W.E. Sykes transferred to Bn S-3A.
-- 190029H  H Co. ambush spotted one boat with 2 VC at AT842855.   Engaged the boat with small arms resulting in 2 VC KIA (conf).
-- 191553H  H Co. patrol returning to the CP detonated a mine of unknown type at AT894825 resulting in 3 USMC WIA.

20 Feb

-- 200700H  County Fair 9-42 terminated.
-- 201042H  F Co. relieved E Co. of the responsibility of the southern TAOR of the Battalion's Area of Responsibility.

28 Feb

H Co. 29-Man Hydrographic Survey Security Force was extracted from Hai-Van Penninsula.
-- 281545H  E Co. Marine had an accidental discharge with his M-14 while on a company sweep resulting in a gunshot wound of his left leg.  Marine was MedEvaced.
-- 282130H  2dBn 26thMarines placed on two hour alert for a possible move North to reinforce the 3dMarDiv Forward.



01 Mar

-- 010745H  E Co. requested MedEvac for 3 Marines; 2 sprained ankles and 1 infected leg.

02 Mar

-- 021345H  E Co. point man detonated booby trap at AT898704 resulting in 3 USMC WIA.

03 Mar

-- 032245H  E Co. ambush made contact with 4-5 VC at AT938881.   VC fired approximately 5 rounds S/A and threw one frag grenade from 50 meters, resulting in one USMC WIA.   Ambush fired approximately twenty rounds 7.62mm resulting in one VC WIA.

04 Mar

Begin Operation GULF -- Into Elephant Valley
-- 040700H  E Co. and H Co. commenced Search and Destroy Operation (Operation Gulf).
-- 040745H  Tank detonated land mine at AT854856 resulting in right track of tank damaged and six USMC WIA.
-- 041145H  H Co. patrol apprehended one Vietnamese with suspicious ID card and USMC Identification Tags on person.   Detainee forwarded to 5th CIT for evaluation.
-- 041155H  F Co. patrol made contact with 2 VC at AT886710, resulting in one VC WIA.   While searching area patrol discovered a VC patrol base with numerous fighting holes and caves.   One bunker was discovered and destroyed.   Numerous items of clothing and cooking utensils were found at camp.   Demo kits and Chicom grenades found and forwarded to Bn S-2.

05 Mar

-- 051155H  CAC 15 Patrol returning from ambush at AT903823 had grenade thrown into column resulting in 2 ARVN WIA and 1 USMC WIA.
-- 052130H  Patrol observed 2 VC at AT891770.  Sprung hasty ambush with M-79's and maching guns.   Received approximately 15 incoming SAF.   Ambush resulted in one VC WIA.

06 Mar

-- 061130H  H Co. requested MedEvac of two men from patrol base; 1 fracture and 1 head concussion.

07 Mar

-- 070800H  Operation GULF Terminated.



08 Mar

-- 080830H  CmdGroup and E, G and H Companies departed Da Nang area for Dong Ha to reinforce the 3dMarDiv Forward.
-- 081015H  CmdGroup was airborne from DaNang Airfield.
-- 081045H  CmdGroup touched down at DongHa and the 2dBn 26thMarines chopped OPCON to the 3dMarDiv.
-- 081715H  2dBn 26thMar CP was opened at YD086575.   H Co. CP at YD 086575.   E Co. CP at YD083576.   G Co. CP at YD089578.
-- 081820H  CmdGroup received Opn PRAIRIE II Frag Order 12-67.
-- 081915H  CmdGroup received verbal instructions from 3dMarine Regiment S-3 to stand down from PRAIRIE II FragOrder 12-67.
-- 082137H  CmdGroup received message from CG 3dMarDiv Forward for Bn.CO to meet CG at 3dMarDiv CP in the morning.

09 Mar

-- 091430H  CmdGroup recrived message from 3dMar Regiment to conduct a search and destroy operation.
-- 091809H  E Co. opened CP at YD087590.

10 Mar

-- 100730H  CmdGroup, G Co., and H Co. moved out.   CP locations for the night were established as follows: CmdGroup at YD086596, E Co. at YD080597, G Co. at YD103629, and H Co. at YD091625.   No enemy contact.
-- 091809H  E Co. opened CP at YD087590.

11 Mar

At approximately 0730 the Battalion started to move North.
-- 110855H  E Co. point man detonated a surprise firing device believed to be a Chicom grenade, resulting in 4 WIA, only one of which was MedEvaced.
-- 110830H  H Co. reported finding a Bn size bivouac area with sqd size bivouac sites out to 500 meters in all directions.   The site was approximately 1 week old or less.   The site was destroyed.
CP locations for the night were established as follows: CmdGroup at YD097630, E Co. at YD104615, G Co. at YD113643, and H Co. at YD093632.   No enemy contact.

12 Mar

-- 120900H  2/26 continued to move North.   The CmdGroup with one Plt from E Co. for escort and G and H Co. converging on an assembly area to assault Regimental Objective Two and E Co. minus one Plt remaining behind to destroy an enemy bivouac site.
-- 121035H  G Co. patrol spotted one enemy dressed in khaki carrying a rifle.   An artillery fire mission was called with unknown results.
-- 121045H  CmdGroup found one dead NVA and two weapons.
-- 121210H  1stPlt E Co, which was escorting the CmdGroup, engaged two NVA with small arms resulting in one NVA KIA(Conf) and one KIA (Prob).
-- 121245H  G Co. received automatic small arms fire from vicinity of YD105652.   An artillery fire mission was called with unknown results.   The area was not searched due to other commitments.
-- 121710H  G Co. had moved into position to assault Regimental Objective Two, an artillery prep fire was delivered on the objective, one round fell in G Co's position resulting in 1 USMC KIA and two MedEvacs for shock.   Later investigation revealed G Co. to be in the wrong position.
-- 121730H  E Co, minus the Plt for CmdGroup security, was helo lifted to the vicinity of the CmdGroup.
-- 121800H  2/26 CmdGroup received verbal instructions from CO 3dMar Regiment to stand down on assault of Objective Two until 13 Mar 67.
CP locations for the night were established as follows: CmdGroup at YD115654, E Co. at YD115654, G Co. at YD118663, and H Co. at YD118663.   Companies G and H had a joint position with CO Co H designated as Commander.

13 Mar

-- 131010H  G and H Co. commenced a sweep of Regimental Objective Two.
-- 131330H  H Co. engaged an unknown number of enemy at YD117678.   Two individuals dressed in green uniforms were observed to be fleeing toward the West.   No further contact.   The initial contact resulted in one USMC KIA (LCpl Timothy Robert Cox).
-- 131600H  The sweep of the eastern portion of Regimental Objective Two was completed.   Defensive positions established with CP locations as follows: CmdGroup at YD114686, E Co. at YD114685, G Co. at YD113686, and H Co. at YD115686.

14 Mar

-- 140730H  E Co. commenced a sweep of the western portion of Regimental Objective Two.
-- 140915H  G Co. patrol found a tunnel with an opening 30 inches in diameter, 10 feet deep and turning toward the northwest.   The tunnel appeared to be dug in the last 2 days.   A CS grenade was thrown in the tunnel with negative results.   The tunnel was blown with C-4.
-- 141145H  E Co. completed the sweep of Regimental Objective Two and encountered two surprise firing devices resulting in 4 WIA's; 3 USMC and 1 ARVN.
-- 141330H  The battalion commenced a helo lift to the vicinity of YD977543 to assume the mission of the 3d Bn, 3d Marines.   The lift was completed at 1655H.   Defensive postions were established.

15 Mar

Received verbal instructions from 3dMarines S-3 to exchange duties with 3dBn 3dMarines tomorrow at a time mutually agreeable.

16 Mar

-- 161415H  H Co. Platoon chopped OPCON to K/3/3 to conduct a patrol to search for possible infiltration routes.

17 Mar

-- 171150H  H Co. relieved K/3/3.
-- 171455H  2dBn 26thMar relieved 3dBn 26thMar and assumed OPCON of I/3/3 and M/3/3.

18 Mar

-- 180735H  G Co. commenced move to blocking position.
-- 181350H  G Co. reported blocking position established.
-- 181410H  G Co. patrol tripped a frag grenade in grass on trail.   1 WIA MedEvaced.
-- 181800H  Radio interference experienced.
-- 182400H  Operation PRAIRIE II secured; Operation PRAIRIE III Commenced.

19 Mar

-- 191145H  M/3/3 spotted 5 men moving along razor back at XD964580 wearing green uniforms and carrying weapons.   Artillery fire mission called and 17 secondary explosions observed.

20 Mar

-- 201730H  A 40mm round exploded in the loading tray of an M-42, self-propelled 40mm  (Duster), injuring 2 US Army and 1 USMC while in support of G Co.

21 Mar

-- 211140H  M/3/3 had one man MedEvaced for heat exhaustion.   Casualty was taken to M/3/3 CP by vehicle.

22 Mar

G Co. had four heat exhaustion casualties.   Casualties MedEvaced.
-- 222045H  G Co. at XD994593 observed muzzle flashes at coordinates YD005585.   Shortly thereafter the impact of 4 rounds was observed at 70 degrees and 600 meters.   Artillery fire mission called with good target coverage.

23-24 Mar

No Significant Events reported.

25 Mar

-- 251455H  M/3/3 OP spotted one enemy at a cave entrance at XD968574.   Later another individual was seen to join the first.   An ONTOS fired into the cave entrance which is located in almost inaccessible terrain.   Both enemy were observed at the entrance just prior to firing.   The cave entrance was destroyed.  2 NVA KIA (Prob).

26-27 Mar

No Significant Events reported.

28 Mar

-- 280900H  E Co. chopped OPCON to 3dBn 9thMarines.
-- 281948H  3dBn 3dMarines relieved 2dBn 26thMarines and assumed responsibility for the TAOR.   2dBn 26thMar CmdGroup CP located at XD978543.

29 Mar

No Significant Events reported.

30 Mar

-- 301100H  2dBn 26thMar assumed OPCON of E Co. from 3dBn 9thMarines.

31 Mar

-- 311100H  2dBn 26thMar lifted by fixed wing aircraft to DaNang and chopped OPCON to the 1stMarDiv at 1100H.



06 Apr

Begin Operation CANYON
-- 060510H  2/26 CmdGroup with Companies E, G and H departed the DaNang CP for Operation CANYON under OPCON of the 1st Marines.
-- 061245H  Helo lift completed  2dBn 26thMar in position to commence the search and destroy operation.
-- 061520H  G Co. detained 1 individual about 30 years old.   The detainee broke and ran and his escape was covered by an unknown number of VC who fired at G Co.   G Co. returned the fire.   The VC withdrew.   1 VC KIA.
-- 061720H  H&S 81mm Mortar Plt in general support at BT228473.   Received small arms fire from the south from an unknown number of VC.   The fire was returned and a platoon from G Co. was sent to assist.   A security patrol from the Mortar Platoon had been ambushed by approximately 50 VC.   3 USMC KIA and 2 USMC WIA.
-- 061810H  G Co. at BT222485 received approximately 60 rounds of small arms fire from the northeast at a range of approximately 100 meters. The small arms fire was returned.  1 USMC WIA.

07 Apr

-- 071500H  H Co. sighted approximately 20 persons carrying rifles and 1 machine gun at BT200499.   H Co. pursued and fired on the individuals.   Four VC were seen to fall and the remainder fled to the west.   The area was not searched until the following morning when 1 body was found.   1 VC KIA and 3 VC KIA (Prob).
-- 071515H  G Co. apprehended 1 indivudual at BT218499.   The detainee was being escorted to the rear when he broke and ran.   He was shot and killed.   1 VC KIA.
-- 071600H  E Co. engaged an unknown number of VC at BT218507.   About 15 rounds of small arms fire were received, the fire was returned and the VC broke contact.   1 USMC WIA.
-- 071645H  H Co. reported receiving approximately 25 rounds of incoming fire from our artillery.   An immediate cease fire was called by the artillery liaison officer.   H Co suffered 6 WIA as a result of the incident.
-- 071830H  H Co. engaged an unknown number of VC at BT205493.   During the ensuing fire fight approximately 15 VC were seen to fall.   Weven VC were observed being dragged away.   A search of the area at daylight revealed 6 VC KIA.   No weapons were found.
-- 072315H  E Co. reported receiving 3 rounds of small arms fire at BT219505.   Small arms fire and M-79 rounds were returned and when the area was searched a young girl approximately 16 years of age was found with a bullet wound in the right arm and a compound fracture of the left ankle.   She was treated and evacuated.

08 Apr

-- 080550H  E Co. in a defensive position at BT221505 reported seeing an approaching individual.   The individual was challenged and started to move away.   Five rounds of 5.56mm were fired and when the area was searched an old woman was found.   She had been hit in the head with one round.   She was treated and evacuated.
-- 080530H  G Co. reported that 3 VC attempted to run through their lines at BT208502.   They fired approximately 3 rounds of small arms fire.   The line returned fire at a range of approximately 20 meters.   A search of the area revealed 1 VC KIA and 1 VC with a bullet wound in the chest.   Interrogation revealed 2 additional VC had been killed and dragged away.
-- 080810H  2/26 Cmd Group located at BT215492 received 2 rounds of sniper fire from an unknown location.   1 USMC WIA.
-- 081210H  H Co. reported one VC attempted to run through their lines.   He was taken under fire, seriously wounded, and evacuated on a resupply helicopter.   1 automatic pistol was captured.
-- 081350H  G Co. received 1 round smiper fire at BT213501.   The fire was returned.   1 USMC WIA.
-- 081420H  G Co. received approximately 100 rounds of small arms fire at BT210495.   The small arms fire was returned, M-79 and 60mm Mortar fire was delivered and an artillery fire mission was called.   The VC withdrew under fire.   2 USMC WIA.
-- 081830H  H Co. reported a resupply helo received approximately 8 rounds of small arms fire when approaching the LZ at BT206471.   The fire was returned hy H Co. and 1 VC was seen to run from a bunker.   He was taken under fire and wounded in the leg.   Another individual was seen to flee and was also taken under fire and was also wounded.   Both individuals were evacuated on the resupply helo.

09 Apr

-- 090930H  2/26 Cmd Group received msg from CO 1stMarines to cease Operation CANYON and prepare for immediate movement to DaNang Airfield for further movement North.   During the subsequent helo extraction sniper fire was received almost continuously.   Two air strikes were called and artillery fire missions were called.    The sniper fire was controlled but never suppressed.   1 USMC WIA.

Operation CANYON Terminated -- Begin Operation BIGHORN
-- 091400H  The battalion was air lifted by Marine C-130 aircraft from DaNang to PhuBai and moved by truck convoy from PhuBai to the Operation BIGHORN Operating Area, arriving approximately 1400.   G Co. chopped OPCON to 3/26 located at PhuBai and remained so until 21Apr1967.

10 Apr

-- 100930H  E Co. chopped OPCON to 2dBn 9thMarines.

11 Apr

-- 110915H  H Co. and H&S Co. relieved E/2/9 and H&S/2/9 in perimeter defense of the Operation BIGHORN operating base.
-- 111535H  F Co. relieved G/2/9.

12 Apr

-- 121810H  E Co. returned OPCON to 2/26.   E Co. suffered 1 KIA and 2 WIA while OPCON to 2/9.

13 Apr

E Co. and a reinf platoon from F Co. occupied blocking positions in support of 2/9.

14 Apr

-- 141110H  E Co. occupying a blocking position at YD523288 spotted 2 VC at YD524273.   Tanks fired 3 rounds of HE.   2 VC KIA (Prob).
-- 141430H  F Co. ata blocking position vic YD552293 tripped a surprise firing device which was apparently an M-26 grenade, rigged with a pressure release firing device, and placed under a stick on the trail.   Three Marines were wounded one of which died later (2 USMC KIA, 1 USMC DOW).

16 Apr

-- 161210H  F Co. platoon at YD511324 reported receiving sniper fire from vicinity of YD507323.   The patrol returned fire with a 40mm, M-42 (Tank chasis "Duster").   A green star cluster appeared in response and an immediate cease fire was called.   Friendly troops were observed 500 meters to the front.
-- 162020H  F Co. reported finding 3 surprise firing devices at YD556287,   One was a Mark II grenade which was tripped but the explosion was very small resulting in 1 minor USMC WIA.

20 Apr

-- 200404H  2/26 commenced a battalion(-) search and destroy operation in the vicinity of YD4825 and YD4925.   E Co. and 2 platoons from F Co. participated.

21 Apr

-- 211657H  2/26 CmdGroup returned to the CP and the search and destroy operation terminated.   There were no significant contacts.
-- 212400H  Operation BIGHORN Terminated.