Extracts from the 2dBn 26th Marines Command Chronology
Company H


Following is a copy of the Command Chronology's 'NARRATIVE SUMMARY' for May 1967:


    The month of May proved to be a very active period for the 2nd Bn, 26th Marines.  The first few days was spent on the final phase of Operation SHAWNEE.  On 5 May 1967 2nd Bn, 26th Marines was returned to the 4th Marines CP area to resume perimeter security and active patrolling.

    On 8 May 1967 Co. F/2/26 assumed mission of screening force for sweep being conducted by 2d Bn, 9th Marines and 2d Bn, 4th Marines in the PHONG DIEN area.  They were later joined by Co G and conducted a coordinated sweep of the PHONG DIEN SONG.  Results of Operation SHAWNEE:  Friendly - KIA 1; DOW 3; WIA 26.  Enemy - KIA(C) 3; KIA(P) 5; WIA(C) 1; POW 1; Detainees 15.

    On 15 May 1967 2d Bn, 26th Marines departed 4th Marines CP for 9th Marines operating area and became OPCON 9th Marines, leaving 2d Plt, H Co. OPCON 4th Marines.  2d Bn, 26th Marines moved by motor march to DONG HA, arriving late in the afternoon.  Supported by tanks and ONTOS they were moved to north of CAM LO and joined Operation PRAIRIE IV which was already in progress.  The night of 15 May passed without incident.

    At about 161300H June 1967 [sic May], the 2d Bn, 26th Marines was heavily engaged at close range with the NVA.  On 17 June 1967 [sic May] the 2d Bn, 26th Marines was heavily engaged.  LtCol FIGARD, Bn CO was medevaced as a result of an NVA mortar attack on the Bn CP.  Also at the time the Air Liaison Officer, Artillery Liaison Officer, S-3 Operations Officer, and HQ Commandant was medevac as the result of the same mortar attack.  The Bn XO [Major Jim LANDERS] assumed command.   Late that afternoon LtCol MASTERPOOL assumed command of 2nd Bn, 26th Marines.  The Battalion continued mission until 170001H when Operation PRAIRIE IV ended and Operation HICKORY began.  On 232400H the Battalion chopped OPCON 9th Marines and became OPCON 3d Marines.   The morning of 26 May 1967 a recon flight with the Battalion's CO, and XO along with the CO's of H/2/26 and K/3/4 aboard the helicopter, was shot down by NVA ground fire.  All personnel aboard were rescued by chase helo and LtCol MASTERPOOL was medevaced to DONG HA.   Maj LANDERS assumed command of the Battalion.  On 27 May 1967 LtCol CHAPLIN assumed Command of 2d Bn, 26th Marines.  On the 16th until the 28th of May the Battalion was in almost constant contact with the NVA.   Being subjected to heavy SA, Mortar, Rocket, and Artillery fire.   The problem of coordination of supporting arms became often critical.   During air operations artillery was restricted in their firing missions when in fact there was no air operation in the vicinity.   Often during an arty fire mission air would come into area and cause a cease fire when air was not requested.   This condition continued until the end of May.   At 282400H Operation HICKORY was concluded and Operation PRAIRIE IV resumed.  On 312100 Operation PRAIRIE IV concluded and Operation CIMMERON began.

  Results of action from 16 to 31 May:
    Friendly - KIA 33; DOW 2; WIA 324.
    Enemy - KIA(C) 219; KIA(P) 220; Detainees 4.

Significant Events
Explanatory Comments are highlighted in BLUE;  our Casualty events are shown in RED.

1 May

-- 011200H  Command Group "B", Co. G and H OPCON to 4th Marines.

2 May

-- 020801H  Co. G machine gun team moving from their night position to another nearby position at YD 522180 tripped an unknown explosive device in a well camouflaged hole resulting in 5 USMC WIA.
-- 021000H  Co. F located two A/A firing positions at YD 533196.  Also found four bomb shelters in area.  No sign of recent use; area heavily bombed and burned out.
-- 021145H  Command Group "B", Co. G and H return to OPCON of 2/26.

3 May

-- 030930H  Command Group "B" received 8 rounds of sniper fire from side of mountain during helo landing at YD 553220.  Air strike called, sniper fire ceased.
-- 032100H  Co. G squad size ambush took 2 VC under fire with SAF at YD 537244.  One VC confirmed WIA, area searched at first light with negative results.

4 May

-- 041014H  Co. H executed emergency medevac for 3 USMC WIA.   WIA's were a result of a booby trap at YD 517266.
-- 041800H  Command Group "B", Co. G and H returned to 4thMarines perimeter.  2/26 assumed OPCON of E/2/4.

5 May

-- 050821H  Co. F located one bunker 8x6x5 feet under construction.  One bunker covered with logs and leaves.  Both bunkers destroyed at YD 565214.
-- 051040H  Co. F point man received SAF from 3 VC at YD 555307.  Returned fire and searched area with negative results.
-- 051400H  Co. G and H 2/26 and Co. E/2/4 OPCON to 2/9.
-- 051515H  Co. E received 8-10 rounds sniiper fire from right flank at YD 533257 causing 2 WIA USMC.  Returned 250 5.56mm and 20 60mm rounds in area of sniipers.

6 May

-- 061100H  2d Bn, 26th Marines assumed OPCON E/2/4, H/2/26 and G/2/26.  2/26 relieved 2nd Bn, 9th Marines of 4th Marines perimeter security.

7 May

-- 071800H  Co. H found ChiCom grenade boobytrap.  Booby trap was not camouflaged and had trip wire attached.
-- 072210H  4th Marines complex received 21 rounds of 3 incoming mortars.  All rounds landed outside of perimeter wire, resulting in one USMC WIA.

8 May

-- 080702H  Co. E/2/26 found booby trap 15" long holding 20 lbs of explosive.  Booby trap had pressure type firing device buried in road at YD 401468.  Booby trap blown in place.
-- 080930H  Co. E spotted 5-8 Vietnamese at YD 381409.  When told to stop they ran.  Fired on and observed two fall.  Because of mission and size of unit further exploration was not followed.  Results 2 VC KIA(P)
-- 081000H  Co. F blocking force received sniper fire from one VC at YD 496424.  Returned fire with arty resulting in one VC KIA(P).
-- 081100H  Co. F made contact with 25-30 VC at YD 486435.   Received approximately 500 rounds SAF, returned with 5.56mm, 7.62mm and 3.5 rockets.  VC broke contact leaving 2 dead.  Resulting in 2 VC KIA.
-- 081120H  Co. F captured one VC with weapon at YD 456353.   VC taken to collection point.
-- 081530H  Co. F received 8 rounds SAF from YD 473418.   Returned fire with 100 rounds of 7.62 and 2- 3.5 rockets.  Incoming fire ceased
-- 081820H  Co. F spotted 9 VC, 4 of which were carrying weapons.  Fired M-79 and small arms.  VC broke to east and west.  While searching area saw 1 VC swimming across stream, fired upon same observed VC to disappear.  Large quantities of blood found in area.  Resulting in 3 VC KIA.
-- 081830H  Man in Co. F squad patrol tripped booby trap resulting in one USMC WIA.  WIA medevaced.

9 May

-- 090500H  Co. E/2/4 received 30 rounds incoming mortar fire.  Received 2 USMC WIA.  Returned fire with 81mm and 105mm.
-- 091300H  Co. F patrol found one M1A2 grenade launcher adapter, 20 rounds .45 cal ammo and 40 rounds .30 cal ammo in hut occupied by Vietnamese male, age 55.  Male taken to Co. F CP as detainee.

10 May

-- 100634H  Co. F patrol searched house at YD 435327 and captured one male Vietnamese age about 25.  Detainee has no ID.  Will be taken to CP.
-- 100640H  Co. F sweeping force moving west along trail when 2 VC fired on point at YD 435377.  Returned fire with small arms, M-79 and 3.5 rockets.  One USMC was WIA and medevaced.
-- 100910H  Co. F blocking force spotted 3 VC across river at YD 444387.  Fired and observed one to fall.  One USMC drowned while pursuing VC into river.
-- 101020H  Co. F blocking force received one sniper round wounding one USMC.  Blocking force returned fire with unknown results.
-- 101605H  Co. F blocking force received sniper fire at YD 456390.  Called arty mission with good target coverage.  Heard loud screaming after shelling.

11 May

-- 110815H  A man from Co. F patrol stepped in hole and exploded booby trap at YD 454384..  Man wounded in right hand.
-- 110855H  A man from Co. F stepped in punji pit wounding self in left leg.
-- 110930H  Co. F sweeping force detained nine males at YD 457382.   Detainees taken to collection point.
-- 111045H  Co. F sweeping force searched house at YD 434372 and found 3 packs, 4 canteens, 3 ponchos, NVA uniforms, 9mm rounds, .30 cal rounds, medical supplies and NVA documents.  Sent same to S-2.
-- 111425H  Co. F picked up one detainee at YD 484372.  Detainee has symptoms of rabies.  Taken to BAS.

12 May

-- 121204H  Co. H point man tripped booby trap at YD 585264 resulting in five USMC WIA.
-- 121230H  Co. E/2/4 picked up three detainees at YD 363440.  Detainees taken to CP.

13 May

--131105H  A man from Co. E tripped 155mm booby trap at YD 579264.  Man was DOW before reaching BAS.

14 May

-- 140725H  Co. E/2/4 Engineer Team found two homemade anti-personnel mines at YD 384438 with pull-release firing devices.  Mines disarmed and turned into Division Engineers.
-- 141200H  2d Bn 26th Marines Chopped OPCON of Co. E/2/4 to 9th Marines.

15 May

-- 150800H  2d Bn 26th Marines departed 4th Marines CP for 9th Marines Operating Area.  2dPlatoon of Co. H/2/26 under OPCON of 4th Marines.   [Chronology does not indicate when 2dPlt Co.H returned to OPCON of 2/26.]
-- 151600H  2d Bn 26th Marines moved to PRAIRIE IV Operating Area.

16 May

-- 160805H  Tank hit mine resulting in one USMC WIA.
-- 161300H  Co. F and Command Group "B" received heavy SAF from estimated reinforced NVA Company in the general area of YD 146700 to YD 147690.   1stPlatoon F/2/26 remained in contact.  At 1415H, Co.G moved up and counter-attacked.  Arty and air missions were used until 1625H.  The result of this action was 15 USMC KIA, 60 USMC WIA, 79 NVA KIA(C) and 7 NVA KIA(P).
-- 161230H  [Air Support Events] At coordinates YD 144701 Co.F FAC called in through AO two (2) flights of A-4's.   The target was enemy fortified positions, automatic weapons and mortars.   The flights covered 90% of the target; coordination with the AO was conducted through 14 Actual with excellent response.   Results of air strike are unknown.   29 Medevacs were extracted throughout the day, resulting in one UH-34 being shot down by SAF.   Emergency resupply was inserted that night by use of strobe lights as references.
-- 161430H  [Air Support Events] At coordinates YD 143694, Co.G received five (5) casualties resulting from NVA SAF, mortar and weapons fire; due to heavy contact in vicinity Medevacs had to be extracted on tracked vehicles vice helicopters.   UH-34's transported an emergency resupply of ammo into vic YD 143694 after dark with only flashlights to direct them into a very small LZ.  The UH-34's did a very commendable job.
-- 161500H  [Air Support Events] At coordinates YD 146700 to YD 147690 an AO was on station with fixed wing to conduct continuous airstrikes in support of Co.F and G, both of which was receiving large amounts of incoming fire.  UH1E gunships supplemented when fixed wing was not available.   Medevacs were conducted with no ensuing problems.   UH-34's conducted emergency resupplies throughout the evening.

17 May

-- 170001H  Opn PRAIRIE IV ends.  Operation HICKORY begins.
-- 170530H  Co. G heard noise in brush at YD 143692.  Fired approximately 100 rounds 5.56mm resulting in 2 NVA KIA(C).
-- 170700H  Co. H point tripped ChiCom booby trap wounding two USMC.
-- 171515H  Co. H spotted one NVA at YD 144703.  Fired two rounds SAF, man fell and crawled into brush.  Checked area with negative results.
-- 171600H  Battalion CP received 44 rounds of 82mm rounds wounding 20 USMC including Battalion Commander [LtCol C.R. Figard medevaced, Maj. J.R. Landers assumes Command].   Returned fire with 81mm mortars.
-- 171630H  Co. F received approximately 25 rounds of 82mortar.  Also received 2 surface to surface rockets.  Returned fire with 90mm, 81mm, 60mm, .50 cal and .30 cal.  Co. F received 11 WIA in this action.
-- 171700H  Co. G at YD 134701 came under intense SAF and mortar attack from front and left flank.  Two incoming rounds were gas similar to CN or C6.  Returned fire with 81mm counter-mortar and SAF.  Captured one heavy machinegun, one automatic rifle, one semi-automatic rifle, 6 Chicom grenades and miscellaneous equipment.  There were 2 USMC KIA, 25 USMC WIA, 8 NVA KIA(C) and 7 NVA KIA(P) in this action.
-- 171715H  Co. F at YD 139706 received 8 82mm mortar rounds and 20 SA sniper fire from YD 141706.  Returned fire with 2 106mm rounds, 16 M-79 rounds and 450 SA rounds.  Observed direct hit with 106mm rounds.  Two NVA were killed in this action.
-- 171800H  Battalion CP at YD 138705 received 35 rounds of 82mm mortar.   Returned fire with 81mm counter-mortar attack.  Six USMC were WIA in this action.
-- 172045H  Co. G observed 4 NVA approaching perimeter at YD 135712.   Took NVA under fire resulting in 2 NVA KIA(C), 2 NVA KIA(P) and capturing one machinegun, one 57mm RR tripod, one 57mm RR round, one anti-tank mine and 7 Chicom grenades.
-- 172345H  In the period 172345H-180015H Battalion CP received approximately 200 rds of 82mm mortar rounds at YD 138705.   Returned fire with 81mm and arty missions.  Battalion CP received 13 WIA.
-- 17  [Air Support Events] Co.G resumed heavy contact in vic YD 141703, taking 33 casualties.   Medevacs were conducted to all companies in an expeditious and professional manner.

18 May

-- 180930H  Co. F at YD 138705 received 15 to 20 rounds of 82mm mortar fire from the northwest.  Returned fire with 81mm counter-mortar attack.  Company F received 2 KIA's and 5 WIA's in this contact.
-- 180950H  Co. F and G spotted 20-25 NVA running across at YD 134714.  Both companies received very heavy SAF.  A tank moving with Co.E received one rocket round.  Both companies in contact at this time.
-- 181135H  Co. H received SAF from their west when helo attempted to land.   Co. H received one WIA.
-- 181225H  Co. H received 10 82mm mortars, and was engaged in fire fight with an estimated squad of NVA.
-- 181630H  Co. G received 6 rounds 82mm mortar at YD 130370 while moving west.  Returned fire with 60mm and 81mm mortars.  Co.G received 12 USMC WIA in this action.
-- 182000H  Co. E at YD 135712 received 2 rocket rounds and a large volume of SAF from the NE resulting in 14 USMC WIA.  Returned fire with 60mm and 81mm counter-mortar fire and arty mission.
-- 182022H  Co. H LP [Listening Post] observed 2 NVA.  Fired on same, one enemy KIA(C), and capturing one automatic weapon.
-- 182025H  Co. H LP observed 2 NVA in front of his position at YD 144703.  Fired upon NVA with SAF and M-79, resulting in two NVA KIA.
-- 18   [Late in the afternoon of May 18, LtCol W.J. Masterpool takes Command of 2dBn 26thMar]
-- 18  [Air Support Events]Co.G came under a concentrated NVA mortar barrage.   Thru coordination between 14 Actual, Co.G FAC and AO, a fix in vic of YD 1?3712 was taken with a flight of A-4's being called in to expend bombs and napalm on enemy positions; the fire ceased after strike.   Co.G received 16 casualties.    Co.G FAC coordinated the Medevac shortly after 1st barrage with UH-34's.   The area of the LZ was not secure as seconds after liftoff another mortar barrage followed.   Resupply was uneventful, LZ secure by that time.
-- 18  [Air Support Events]Co.E received two (2) incoming rocket rounds, eight (8) 82mm rds and SAF.   ALO had AO on station with fixed wing thru coordination with Co.E FAC the AO deployed fixed wing into target area with bombs and napalm resulting in good area coverage, BDA unknown.   Medevacs were conducted quickly with no problems.
-- 18  [Air Support Events]Co.F conducted 7 Medevacs throughout the day with satisfactory service being provided.

19 May

-- 190010H  Recapitulation of casualties for 18 May 1967 is 3 USMC KIA, 104 USMC WIA, and 3 NVA KIA.
-- 190720H  Co. E received one arty round from unknown direction.  Received one USMC WIA.
-- 190800H  Co. G received ten 60mm mortar rounds at YD 123716.  Co. G received 16 WIA.  While moving through position to evacuate WIA, Co.G found 16 fresh graves with 2 NVA in each.
-- 190850H  Co. G received 15-20 82mm mortar rounds wounding 18 USMC and one female correspondent [A French Gal, Katherine LeRoy --about the only correspondent that really came to the "front-lines", used language that embarrased our Marines, and is still around as a widely-honored correspondent.].  Returned fire with unknown results.
-- 191015H  Co. E found 6 bunkers at YD 124726.  While searching bunkers killed one NVA and captured one bolt action rifle and one demo kit.
-- 191145H  Ontos moving north with Co. H hit AT mine at YD 125714.  Ontos was completely destroyed.  One USMC was KIA [Cpl Reynaldo Fernandez(?)] and 7 USMC WIA.
-- 191340H  Co. E at YD 123730 found 10 bunkers, 44 82mm mortar rounds, 1 portable flame thrower with gun and nozzle, 5 cans of fuzes for 82mm mortars, 1 can of black powder, .45 cal rounds, Chicom grenades, 1 US .30 cal machinegun with extra barrel, 50 lbs of rice, assorted personnel gear and two dead NVA.  Questioned three local Vietnamese in area with negative results.
-- 191440H  Co. H man detonated a ChiCom booby trap at YD 118716.  Two USMC were WIA.
-- 191520H  H&SCo. found one Chicom light machine gun with two drum type magazines, one rear barrel from a Soviet 82mm recoiless rifle and two dead NVA who had been dead for about 24 hours.
-- 191850H  Co. G received 30 rounds of 105mm arty from enemy arty position at YD 124775.  Called arty mission and air strike.  AO reported 2 guns knocked out and 3 damaged also reported 10 NVA KIA by air and 15 NVA KIA by arty.
-- 192300H  H&SCo. man heard noise at YD 133719.  Man threw frag grenade wounding one USMC from fragments of grenade.
-- 19  [Air Support Events]ALO secured AO with fixed wing to strike NVA artillery positions at YD 124775.   Bombs covered area well with AO reporting ??? guns destroyed and probably 3 others damaged.   Enemy casualties 10 KIA.   Airstrikes were conducted throughout the day on objectives in assigned ZOA [Zone of Action].
-- 19  [Air Support Events]Co.G utilized UH-34's to extract 5 Medevacs.

20 May

-- 200115H  Co. E received one incoming round of undetermined caliber.  One USMC was WIA.
-- 200955H  Battalion CP received two rounds sniper fire.  One USN was WIA.
-- 201200H  Co. H discovered a bomb shelter and bunker complex throughout the northern portion of Thon An Kha.  Search of area revealed a large amount of assorted ammo and equipment.  Papers and documents were found and turned into Bn S-2.  All equipment destroyed except 12 82mm mortar rounds.
-- 201400H  Co. G observed NVA arty position at YD 109783 firing on Con Thien.  Requested arty mission.  Mission delayed due to friendly aircraft in area.  Mission fired at 1715H with excellent target coverage.
-- 201600H  H&S Co. found one NVA KIA with weapon at YD 133710.
-- 201655H  Co. E apprehended three local Vietnamese at YD 123730.  Detainees taken to collection point by helo.
-- 202020H  Co. F at YD 127723 received 8 rounds 82mm mortar from YD 126722.  Returned fire with arty mission with good target coverage.  Results unknown.
-- 202400H  2dBn 26th picked up 180 NVA KIA(P) as result of action from 17 May 1967.
-- 20  [Air Support Events]ALO conducted an airstrike at location YD 114734, confirmed NVA troops and bunkers.   Two flights of A-4's were utilized expending napalm, 250/500 bombs.   BDA 73 bunkers combined NVA living, supply, mortar and AA positions were destroyed or damaged.   NVA casualty count not available.

21 May

-- 210735H  All 106's from ONTOS which hit mine on 19 May have been salvaged and sent out on resupply chopper along with a WIA who was a result of AT mine.
-- 210900H  Co. H found a 15 foot hole with a 15" angle.  Possible enemy missile launch site.
-- 210945H  Co. F found a two man bunker complex at YD 127736.   Complex destroyed.
-- 211300H  Co. H at YD 112722 heard enemy arty battery firing from a 240 azimuth.  Arty mission was called with good target coverage.  Results unknown.
-- 211600H  Two helos on resupply received automatic weapon fire at YD 117733.   Air strike and arty mission called in with good target coverage.  Results unknown.
-- 212045H  Co. F searching Hill 48 at YD 113733 found 75 bunkers and various NVA equipment.  Also found 20 bunkers enroute to Hill 48 from the West.
-- 21  [Air Support Events]Multi flights of A-4's, F-4's and F-8's were called in through coordinated efforts of the ALO and AO on station, to cover area YD 113733 with napalm and bombs, after 2 CH-46 received AWF from that area.   BDA was 45 bunkers destroyed.

22 May

-- 220420H  Co. G LP heard and saw movement North of their position at YD 119719.  LP received one frag grenade wounding one USMC.  Returned fire with SAF and M-26 Frag grenades.  Search at first light revealed large amounts of blood.  One NVA was KIA(P).
-- 220930H  Co. E found one dead NVA killed by shrapnel in chest at YD 123722.
-- 221045H  Co. E patrol at YD 124724 killed one NVA with SAF.  NVA had a very large amount of equipment for one man.
-- 221105H  Co. H at YD 104723 found 5 bomb shelters with fighting positions on top.  Fighting positions had loose 82mm mortar rounds and several pieces of equipment that appeared to be a rocket launcher.  Equipment was sent to Bn S-2.
-- 221230H  Co. H at YD 105722 found fiberboard tubes with electrical devices and circular metal braces for rocket pad or launcher.  All gear taken to Battalion rear.
-- 221310H  Co. H while searching house at YD 103722 found documents and diagrams.  Writing was in chinese.  All items sent to rear on resupply helo.
-- 222320H  Co. G received one round of friendly Arty fire at YD 093716.  One man WIA from short round.
-- 22  [Air Support Events]2dBn 26thMarines CO employed UH1E for routine recon flight.   Co.H FAC utilized AO on station for recon of objectives in assigned ZOA.

23 May

-- 230905H  Co. F found rice bin in well camouflaged area at YD 115722.  Approximately 1,100 pounds in weight, Rice turned in to Bn S-2.
-- 231400H  Co. H discovered 3 bomb shelters 6x4x4 ft,  While searching shelters found 2 Chicom grenades, 3 boxes TNT and assorted NVA equipment.
-- 231430H  Co. H apprehended one male and two females at YD 110725.  Detainees taken to rear under guard.  Male had 57,700 piasters in North Vietnamese currency.
-- 231630H  Co. H at YD 11772 [Coord error, perhaps 110772]; found NVA clothing, 4 ChiCom grenades and 6 bottles of American penicillen.  Destroyed all equipment.
-- 231645H  Co. F at YD 115721 found an NVA base camp.  Search of area revealed numerous huts, bunkers, trench lines and assorted NVA equipment.  Papers and documents sent to rear.
-- 231920H  Co. H man detonated booby trap at YD 104720.   One USMC was WIA.
-- 23  [Air Support Events]No Medevac or fixed wing required.

24 May

-- 240315H  Co. G received one grenade at YD 095713, resulting in one USMC WIA.
-- 241500H  Co. E man walked on edge of perimeter fell into punji pit wounding self in left hand.
-- 241600H  Co. H found bunker and fighting hole complex at YD 071696.  Bunkers and fighting holes destroyed.
-- 241715H  Spotted one NVA at YD 071697.  Fired two rounds SAF with unknown results.
-- 242245H  Co. G at YD 093687 received three rounds of artillery, estimated to be 105mm from a 165 azimuth.  There were no casualties.
-- 24  [Air Support Events]Co.F employed UH1E for routine recon flight at request of Co.F CO.

25 May

-- 250350H  Co. G at YD 087686 received 40 to 50 rounds of 60mm mortar.  Called Arty mission with unknown results.
-- 250615H  Co. H made contact with an estimated reinforced NVA company at YD 069696.  The enemy was well dugin, bunkers and fighting positions.  The result of this action was 3 friendly KIA, 29 friendly WIA, 15 NVA KIA(C) and 26 NVA KIA(P).
-- 250750H  2dBn 26th Marines received 12 rocket rounds between Co. G and 2/26 CP at YD 093687.  Three USMC were WIA.  Air strikes were called at enemy positions with good target coverage.
-- 250840H  Co. H still in contact at YD 061690.  Air strikes called throughout morning.
-- 251230H  H&S Co. man received a concussion from blast of 81mm mortar round leaving tube.
-- 251445H  Co. H engaged an estimated NVA battalion (-) in bunkers and fighting holes at YD 068697.  At 1645H Co.K/3/4 chopped OPCON to 2dBn 26th Marines, and moved to Co. H right flank in support of Co. H.    Co. H and K withdrew under Arty and air strike to reorganize and medevac.  The result of this action was 15 NVA KIA(C), 22 NVA KIA(P), 60 friendly WIA and 9 friendly KIA [At present, I do not have separate casualty break-outs for H/2/26 and K/3/4.]
-- 251822H  Co. H at YD 069705 heard enemy Arty battery at a 270 azimuth from their position.  Called Arty mission with unknown results.
-- 250700H  [Air Support Events]Co.H coordinated with AO to conduct air strikes in vic of Hill 117 (YD 069698).   Targets were enemy bunkers, troops and mortar positions.   Target coverage was excellent 85/90% with 13 KIA(C), 30 KIA(P) and estimated 25 bunkers destroyed.   250/500 lb bombs, napalm, 20mm and rockets were employed against positions.
-- 251500H  [Air Support Events]Co.H FAC called for airstrike in vic YD 069678.   AO on station controlled strike utilizing 500 lb bombs, napalm and rockets against NVA bunker and troops.   80/90% area coverage with 12 KIA(C) and 25 KIA(P).

26 May

-- 261015H  Recon helo was shot down at YD 053709.  Battalion Commander, Battalion XO, Co. H [Capt. Jack Rozman] and Co. K/3/4 Commanding Officers aboard.  There were 4 USMC WIA in this incident.  Battalion Commander [LtCol W.J. Masterpool evacuated]WIA, Battalion XO [Maj Jim Landers]took command at this time.
-- 261000H  Co. H and Co. K/3/4 OPCON to 3dBn 4th Marines. [Co. H appears to remain OPCON to 3dBn 4thMarines until early on the morning of 29 May.    I will need to check with 3/4's Command Chronology to find out what was reported for Co. H during this absence from 2/26's OPCON.]
-- 261728H  Co. E received 16 NVA rockets 600 meters east of their position at YD 078670.  Estimated rockets to be 140mm coming from YD 055688.   Called 81mm mortar and arty missions.  Checked area with negative results.
-- 261830H  Co. G reported an unknown number of NVA firing at helo YD 096608.  Called arty mission and sent two tanks with one platoon to check area.  Checked out area with negative results.
-- 262225H  Co. F man was unloading .45 cal pistol when he accidentaly shot self in leg.
-- 26  [Air Support Events]14 Actual through Co.H FAC and AO coordinated airstrikes throughout morning on troops, bunkers and mortar positions, at coordinates YD 070695.   Ordnance used 250/500/750 lb bombs and napalm.   BDA estimated 50 bunkers destroyed or damaged with 50 KIA(P) NVA.
-- 261015H  [Air Support Events]UH1E C&C aircraft carrying 2dBn 26thMarines Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Co.H CO, and 3dBn 4thMar Co.K CO was shot down at coordinates YD 077708 vic of liftoff from Co.H position.   Co.H FAC observed and immediately diverted AO and fixed wing to position.   Chase UH-34 retrieved passengers and diverted to DONG HA.   Airstrikes hit area of enemy fire with 500/750/1000 lb bombs, napalm and strafing.   100% of area was covered.   Position of AW site believed to be destroyed.
-- 262300H  [Air Support Events]Co.F called for emergency Medevac.   UH-34 guided into LZ by aid of flashlight, no difficulties were encountered.

27 May

-- 271000H  New Battalion Commander [LtCol D.D. Chaplin] takes Command.
-- 271400H  Co. E received a short 81mm round fromn Battalion CP.  One USMC was WIA as a result.
-- 271800H  Co. E and F searching out Hill 117 at YD 067699 found more than 40 log and dirt bunkers, most of them destroyed by air and arty missions, telephone lines running along trails, one M-6 MG spare barrel, six M-16 Rifles, one M-79, and two M-72.  Area received excellent coverage by air and arty missions.  Could smell dead bodies under rubble but found none.
-- 27  [Air Support Events]Co.F FAC conducted an airstrike on 6-10 rocket sites, at coordinates YD 055700.   One flight of F-8's dropped two 2000 lb bombs --one bomb was a direct hit.   Probable two (2) positions destroyed.   AO directed arty on position prior to airstrike.
-- 27  [Air Support Events]Co.E and F located in close enough proximity utilized the same LZ for resupply.   The zone was secure with friendly troops in all quadrants.   The helo refused to settle into LZ and subsequently unloaded supplies while hovering approx 8' to 10' off the ground, resulting in a loss of over 1/2 the resupply water; the FAC operator informed pilot of situation with no success.

28 May

-- 280750H  Co. F at YD 067699 found 2 anti-aircraft positions with 37mm shell casings in positions.   Trench connects positions with dirt and log bunkers.  One position received direct hit from either arty or air.  Position had stench of dead persons.
-- 281130H  Co. F at YD 071696 found 90 large bunkers emplaced in depth on both sides of trail running south.  Average size was 6x4x4 feet.  Bunkers constructed within the last week.  Also found NVA equipment, Chicom 7.62 linked ammo, 3 Chicom magazines for Soviet AK-47, assorted medical gear and one NVA bloody uniform.  One NVA KIA(P) was claimed.  Bunkers were destroyed.
-- 281605H  Co. F at YD 070646 received two sniper rounds from one NVA at YD 065693.  Returned fire with SA and observed sniper to fall from tree.  Unable to recover body as of friendly action in area.
-- 281900H  Battalion CP received 10 rounds of 140mm rockets from 055686.  Fired 81mm and arty mission.  Results unknown.
-- 281948H  Co. F at YD 069700 heard enemy rockets fire toward Con Thien.  Called arty mission and air mission.  Observed secondary explosions at YD 046697.
-- 282400H  Operation HICKORY completed.   Operation PRAIRIE IV recommences.
-- 28  [Air Support Events]No Medevacs or fixed wing required.

29 May

-- 290150H  Co. H security in NW sector of Battalion CP heard noise to front, suspected probe.  Threw one frag M-26 grenade and fired 3 rounds SA.  Noise ceased.
-- 291600H  Co. H found 2 complexes of spider traps at YD 077676 and YD 075675.  Traps about 1 month old.
-- 291715H  Co. H found one large Russian made guided missile at YD 072705.  Size of missile is 10' long and 3' in diameter, weight approximately 500 pounds.  Outer casing broken revealing internal mechanism which appears intact.  Head of missile is missing.
-- 291722H  Co. F man received injury to back while destroying bunkers.  WIA was medevaced.

30 May

-- 301800H  Co. H at YD 067671 found a aiming stake made from two small trees.  Also found two strands of comm wire running southeast.  Aiming stakes dismantled and comm wire cut.

31 May

-- 310440H  Co. G at YD 070635 tripped a claymore type explosive device.  Appears to have trip wire as method to initiate detonation.  One USMC was KIA and 4 USMC were WIA.
-- 311525H  Co. G man tripped a Chicom grenade booby trap.  Grenade camouflaged by tall grass.  Two USMC were WIA.