Extracts from the 2dBn 26th Marines Command Chronology
Company H


Explanatory Comments are highlighted in BLUE;  our Casualty events are shown in RED.

Following is the Command's 'NARRATIVE SUMMARY' for 05 Jun 1967- 15 Jan 1968:


June 1967:
    The Bn departed Operation Cimmeron June 5th and moved by motor march from the CamLo Area to PhuBai.  On arrival at PhuBai the first few days were spent surveying clothing and 782 gear, getting record books up to date, and general rest and relaxation for 2/26
    On June 8th, 2/26 started operations in the PhuBai TAOR (Tactical Area Of Responsibility).  First relieving 3/26 in the last phase of Operation Golden Fleese in the Troui Area.
    During the month 2/26 conducted Plt and Company size saturation patroling and ambush operations throughout the TAOR.  In addition many search and destroy missions were conducted in coordination with the HoungThuy and PhuLoc District Chiefs.
    2/26 assumed OPCON (Operational Control) of CAC A and H and supported their mission in the form of sqd and Plt size patrols and ambushes in the CAP TAOR.
    Contact with the enemy was restricted to small unit actions on ambush and patrols.

July 1967:
    The Bn conducted platoon and squad size saturation patrolling and ambush operations throughtout the PhuBai TAOR.   In addition many search and destroy operations were conducted in the HuongThuy and PhuLoc Districts.   Some of these search and destroy operations were conducted using Recon Scuba Teams to search the many water ways in the area.   Kit Carson Scouts were used with excellent results.   They have proven to be a vital addition to the Bn.   Exploiting information gained from a CHIEU HOI 1stLt has enabled the Bn to further block the enemy's routes of supply.
    A portion of the Bn's mission is to coordinate the PhuBai Vital Area Defense.   Improvements in wire and bunkers have been accomplished with still more improvement expected.   Reaction drills were held and discrepancies are now being corrected.
    Enemy contact was limited to small unit actions.

August 1967:
    The Bn continued operations in the PhuBai TAOR.   The major part of Bn activities consisted of company and platoon size patrol and ambush operations and company and platoon size search and clear operations in both the HuongThuy District and PhuLoc District.   Areas covered included LangCo, PhuLoc, Troui River, GiaLe, NongRiver and NuocNgot.   The Bn also provided squad and platoon size units to supplement CAC-A and CAC-H operations throughout the TAOR.
    The Bn participated in two operations during the month.   Operation RUSH in which two companies were OPCON to 4thMarines from 4 August to 9 August, and Operation LIBERTY which began on 30 August and included the entire Battalion.
    Two special operations were held during the month: from 27-29 August, one company conducted a modified County Fair Operation in CAC-H6, and on 29 August one company in conjunction with ARVNs, PFs, and PRU personnel conducted a one day village sweep at PhuTu.   SCUBA teams, dog teams, Kit Carson scouts, armed propaganda teams, and Provincial Reconnaissance Units were used throughout the month with excellent results.
    The Bn provided units to meet several miscellaneous commitments.   Forward Observers were provided for Roadrunners to Cumberland and Fremont for the entire month, one platoon provided security on Hill 840 (YC766963) from 1-17 August, one company maintained a continuous SparrowHawk platoon and SparrowHawk reserve for the entire month, one company provided PhuBai perimeter security from 11-29 August, one platoon provided security on Hills 180 and 230 for the entire month, one platoon provided CP security at CAC-H Headquarters from 15-31 August and one platoon provided security for the Fremont Roadrunner from 22-29 August.
    The Bn continued to coordinate the PhuBai Vital Area Defense.   Improvements in wire and bunkers were accomplished and a new alarm siren was installed.   Reaction drills and counter mortar/rocket drills were held throughout the month.
    Enemy contact was limited to small unit actions.

September 1967:
    The Bn continued operations in the PhuBai TAOR.   Saturation patrolling by platoon and squads was conducted throughout the PhuBai TAOR pursuant with the Bns mission.  Platoon patrol bases are established during daylight with squad size patrols radiating from the base.  At darkness each platoon breaks into three squad ambushes and moves clandestinely out into pre-reconnoitered ambush sites.  Squad ambushes are utilized in order to provide greater coverage within the TAOR.
    [Here's Co.H in action -- Good Show!] One successful squad ambush occurred on the night of 27 Sept 67 when Corporal Melchesedic Jackson's reinforced squad ambushed approximately forty VC.  The marine squad called illumination, gained fire superiority and finally drove the VC from the field after a forty-five minute fire fight.  A MedEvac was called in to evacuate three WIA and 1 KIA [PFC Jose Anibal Flores].  A reaction squad from a combined action platoon came to their assistance.  A sweep of the killing zone revealed seventeen (17) enemy KIA.  The squad had to fight for the bodies as the VC continued the fight off and on.  Finally the VC broke contact.
    Platoon operations consisted of Co.E(-) working with the PBRs during the Green Wave operation.  Navy PBRs were assigned to operate in the CAU HAI lagoon to prevent VC water traffic and to work in conjunction with friendly troops in area.  From 18 to 29 Sept Co.E made liaison and planned two reinforced platoon type operations. On 23 and 24 Sept respectively the company was landed and provided fire support by the PBRs.  However, no contact was made in either case.
    We continued to provide a company minus for all RoughRider convoys to either Camp Evans or Dong Ha as the primary infantry security element.
    The lone Battalion operation was our participation in Operation LIBERTY which lasted from 30 August to 5 Sept.   This operation was designed to prevent enemy interference with the National Vietnamese elections by interdicting and denying enemy access to populated areas on Route #1.
    One joint operation was run with ARVN forces along the northern portion of the PhuBai TAOR on 20 Sept 67.  Marine forces involved consisted of a company minus, reinforced.  The ARVN forces were conducting a sweep of the PHU TU peninsula while the Marines secured the left flank.

October 1967:
    The Bn continued saturation patrolling operations in the PhuBai TAOR.   The employment of the claymore mine has improved as the Marines become more familiar with their use and capability.  One ambush conducted by Co.F on the night of Oct 30 achieved excellent results by initiating an ambush with claymores.  The results were 3 KIA(C) and 3 KIA(P).
    One Platoon operation was conducted by Co.L 3/4 which is under OPCON of 2/26.  A blocking force and sweep force were inserted by rubber boats across the Song Huu Trach and Song Ta Trach River.  The subsequent sweep of the peninsula brought negative results.
    A Company size rescue operation was conducted from 10 to 14 Oct.  An Air Force C-130 crashed on a mountain about 15 miles sourth of PhuBai.  Co.E was committed by helicopter and landed below the mountain.  The Company moved all afternoon and when darkness set in the Company Cdr requested aerial illumination and moved to crash site under the illumination.  A Company(-) was also provided for RoughRider security to either Camp Evans or Dong Ha as the primary infantry security element.
    We continued to provide a company minus for all RoughRider convoys to either Camp Evans or Dong Ha as the primary infantry security element.  On 13 Oct, Co.F was employed for road and Bridge Secutiry along Hwy #1 throughout the PhuBai TAOR because four bridges were destroyed by VC in a one week period.  A brainstorming session was conducted by the S-3 with Company Cdrs and other experienced officers in order to determine means to protect a bridge.  The results provided guidelines for requesting additional support for Co.F to be employed on the Bridges.  The security provided by Co.F with such additional support as sentry dogs, SID's, generators and lights, barbed wire and VN National Police proved very successful.
    The sole Battalion operation was our participation in Operation LIBERTY II which lasted from 18 to 23 October.  This operation was designed to prevent enemy interference with the National Vietnamese elections by interdiction and denying enemy access to populated areas on Route #1.
    One joint operation was run with ARVN forces along the northern portion of the PhuBai TAOR on 20 Sept 67.  Marine forces involved consisted of a company minus, reinforced.  The ARVN forces were conducting a sweep of the PHU TU peninsula while the Marines secured the left flank.

November 1967:
    The Bn continued Saturation patrolling operations in the PhuBai TAOR.   Independent deployment of the Scout/Sniper teams from 26thMarines HQ Company was attempted on two separate occasions.  The two man sniper team was reinforced with a radio operator, corpsman and six other Marines from a rifle squad, making a ten man team. The team therefore had the capability to employ its sniper rifle, call mortar or artillery fire, conduct reconnaissance and ambush at night.  Seven scout dogs were requested and received from the Scout Dog Platoon of the MP Bn. One dog was employed with each platoon and accompanied one reinforced squad on daylight patrol and one night ambush.  They did provide additional security, especially in night ambush positions.
    One Company was reinforced with another platoon and formed four task-organized mobile strike teams.  Teams had scout dogs, sniper teams and/or 81mm mortars depending upon mission assigned.  Each team was assigned a specific area of the PhuBai TAOR and shifted intact to hot areas indicated by intelligence.  The Scout/Sniper team of ten men was organized in two of the strike teams and operated approximately 1500 to 2000 meters in front of the team and was supported by them.  The strike teams success depended on mobility, fire power and initiative.  Their success was greatly improving as November ended.
    One Rifle Company was broken down initially into three reinforced platoons in order to protect the areas immediately adjacent to the PhuBai Vital Area.  This was accomplished when two Rifle Companies were concentrated in PhuLoc, two more were deployed on the highway, one OPCON Rifle Company was assigned to securing the rock crusher and bridge site, and one of which 2/26 had only recently obtained OPCON (C/1/4) was assigned to protect the Vital Area; at this time Division found it necessary to relieve 2/26 of SparrowHawk duties due to the battalions widespread and very heavy commitments.  Because of a new threat posed along the Truoi River South of CAP H3, it was decided to form five separate maneuvering elements from C/1/4.
    Two SparrowHawk platoon deployments were necessitated by (1) a 3dMarDiv Recon Team became surrounded vic Nui Ke Mountain west of Song Ta Trach River; and (2) Gen. Bruno Hochmuth, CG 3dMarDiv went down with his Huey helicopter which exploded in midair at YD665266; his body was extracted prior to the arrival of SparrowHawk.
    A Battalion(-) operation was conducted in the vic of PhuLoc Dist HQ under the Bravo Command Group.  The Bravo Command Group controlled the ground prior to commencement of Operation COVE when it and Companies E and F were required to directly participate together with three Companies from 1/4.  For operating purposes, only the Bravo Command Group and Companies E and F were considered to be directly participating in Phase I of Operation COVE; Phase II, had it been initiated, would have required Co. G in addition.

December 1967:
    During the month of December the Bn continued to conduct extensive patrols and ambushes within the PhuBai TAOR in addition to the execution of the numerous security missions assigned.  The patrols and ambushes were oriented to interdict, disrupt and close the enemy's routes of communication, supply and infiltration.  The frequent sightings of and contacts with enemy units indicated that the enemy routes into populated areas for supply, recruiting and propaganda purposes have been correctly identified and that the patrol and ambush efforts have been correctly targeted.
    At the beginning of the month the weather favored intensive operations within the PhuBai TAOR and the five rifle companies were employed in the following manner: one Company operated between the Dap Dinh River and the Division Boundary (NS Grid Line ZD11) with primary emphasis on the enemy routes into the PhuLoc District HQ (ZD080980) and the heavily populated CauHai area (ZD084005); one reinforced Company (four rifle platoons) operated between the northern boundary of the PhuBai TAOR and the Dap Dinh River; one Company(-) (two rifle platoons) provided security for six bridges located along National Route 1; one Company provided security for the MCB 121 Rock Quarry (YD743133) and ferry (YD756137) in Nam Hoa District; one Company provided the Division SparrowHawk force and the Battalion Reserve during the day and at night was employed to provide ambushes in proximity to the PhuBai Vital Area and the enemy routes into the PhuBai Hamlets.
    However, the cold and wet weather that prevailed during the first half of the month soon reduced the Battalion's effectiveness.  Periods of rest and rehabilitation were required to maintain the combat effectiveness of both men and materiel.  Four Companies (minus) (two rifle platoons) were employed in Company areas of operations throughout the TAOR.  The reserve platoons of each Company were frequently rotated so as to provide approximately 24 hours of rest and rehabilitation each 72 hours.  The reserve platoons also constituted the Division SparrowHawk and the Battalion Reserve.
    On 28 December the 3dMarDiv boundary was shifted from NS Grid Line ZD11 to a line approximately 1000 meters east of the Troui River.  The reduction of the size of the PhuBai TAOR permitted a higher concentration of patrols and ambushes within the smaller TAOR.

January 1968:
    During the first half of the month the Bn continued to conduct extensive patrols and ambushes within the PhuBai TAOR and to be responsible for the security of the Nam Hoa Rock Quarry.  The patrols and ambushes appeared to effectively interdict the enemy's Lines of Communications and routes into the populated areas.
    The 1stBn, 5th Marines assumed responsibility for that portion of the PhuBai TAOR 1000 meters south of the Troui River on 27 Dec 1967, thereby significantly reducing the sizew of the Bn's operational area.  The four rifle Companies were subsequently deployed in the following manner:  one Company operated 1000 meters south of the Troui River north to the Nong River with primary emphasis on the enemy routes into the area adjacent to the important Troui River Bridge;  one Company(-) was deployed between the sourhern portion of the PhuBai Vital Area south to the Nong River;  the remaining Platoon secured four key bridges in the TAOR;  one Company provided security for the MCB 121 Rock Quarry (YD743133) and bridge site (YD756137) in Nam Hoa District;  one Company(-) provided the Division SparrowHawk force, Battalion Reserve, trained during the day, and at night was employed to provide ambushes in close proximity to the PhuBai Vital Area with an orientation to the northern area of the TAOR;  the remaining platoon manned the TAOR OP's on Hills 230 and 180.
    The Bn was relieved of responsibility for the PhuBai TAOR on 15 January by the 5thMarines.  An advance party departed on 14 Jan to establish facilities in the DongHa Combat Base to receive the remainder of the Bn which was to depart PhuBai on 16 and 18 Jan.  However, on the afternoon of 15 Jan the destination of the Bn was changed from DongHa to Khe Sanh. Commencing at 160800H January the Battalion was flown by fixed wing aircraft to the Khe Sanh Combat Base.

Significant Events
Explanatory Comments are highlighted in BLUE;  our Casualty events are shown in RED.

05 Jun

2dBn, 26th Marines moved from Operation CIMARRON to PhuBai.
-- 050800H  2dBn, 26th Marines departed 3d Marines TAOR for PhuBai.
-- 050900H  2dBn, 26th Marines Chopped OPCON to 3dMarDiv (PhuBai).

07 Jun

-- 071415H  H Co. chopped OPCON to 4th Marines.

08 Jun

-- 081700H  2dBn, 26th Marines relieved 3dBn, 26th Marines.
-- 081755H  H Co. OPCON to 2dBn, 26th Marines.

10 Jun

-- 101930H  CAC-A6 observed five VC at YD836164.   Open fire with SAF, VC fled south.   Patrol swept through area and found one dead VC and apprehended one detainee.

11 Jun

-- 111645H  Perimeter OP observed shiny object at YD830009.   Called Arty mission with unknown results.
-- 112010H  CAC-H5 patrol observed 3-5 VC on trail at ZD087998.   Open fire with SAF and six(6) M-79 rounds.   VC returned approximately 100 SAF and fled.   The result of this action was 1 USMC WIA, 1 VC KIA(C) and 1 VC KIA(P).

12 Jun

-- 120920H  Company F apprehended one ARVN deserter at YD958050.   Turned detainee into CAC-H CP.
-- 121407H  CAC-A6 point man on recon patrol was attacked by water buffalo.   Other men shot and killed water buffalo to save man's life.
-- 122315H  PhuBai perimeter positions 5 and 6 received two grenades in front of their positions.   One USMC was wounded in right arm.
-- 122400H  Explosion at AU814008 destroyed bridge.   Estimated 80-100 pound charge was used.   CAC-H7 will investigate incident.

14 Jun

-- 140800H  CAC-A6 patrol found two VC bodies in freshly dug grave at YD835174.   Bodies reburied.
-- 141100H  CAC-A6 turned over 10 detainees to District Headquarters, apprehended in sweep in grid square YD8317.
-- 142320H  CAC-A3 fired on VC at YD905116.   VC fled in SW direction.

15 Jun

-- 150130H  CAC-H heard an explosion at ZD137010.   Area checked out and found bridge partially blown.
-- 150900H  Road Sweep Detail found a home made mine consisting of 50 pounds of TNT at ZD024026.   Mine was blown in place.
-- 151235H  Co.H found 5 VC hiding in temple at YD828165.   Contact was made resulting in 4 enemy KIA(C) and 1 USMC WIA.   Co.H captured 3 US carbines, 1 ChiCom carbine and 5 ChiCom grenades.
-- 151300H  Co.H stopped 3 Vietnamese males to check ID cards.   One male attempted to flee, was stopped.   Kit Carson scouts believed ID cards not valid.   Turned detainees over to CAC-A6.

16 Jun

-- 162300H  Co.H sent to ZC136968 as Sparrowhawk for Recon patrol.   Recon patrol received enemy fire from the northeast and south.   When the Sparrowhawk arrived the VC fled.   No further contact.

17 Jun

-- 170200H  Two VC abducted and assassinated Mr LEBA at ZD002125.   Patrol from CAC-A6 sent to investigate and found that the man worked closely with the Rural Development Program.
-- 170910H  Personnel on Hill 230 spotted approximately 50 VC at YD838089, 841087 and 849096.   Fire mission called resulting in 7 VC KIA(C).
-- 171000H  A vehicle rolled off Hill 180 resulting in 1 dead and 1 injured USMC.   Investigation to be conducted.
-- 171015H  4thBn 12thMarines personnel observed 50 VC at YD823177 and 100 VC at YD813129.   Arty mission called on both locations with unknown results.
-- 171030H  Three people were checking out area for new CAC site when an AP mine was detonated.   Result, 1 USMC WIA and 1 USA WIA.
-- 171840H  3dTankBn had an accidental detonation of a M-26 frag grenade.   One USMC was wounded.

18 Jun

-- 182015H  CAC-H5 squad ambush observed 30 VC at ZD086003.   Fired on VC with SA.   VC broke contact after returning 80-100 rounds SAF.   Ambush returned to CP.
-- 182330H  CAC-H5 squad ambush moving to new ambush site observed VC on buildings and around street at ZD085008.   Fired on VC with SAF.   VC broke contact and fled to the south.

19 Jun

-- 192318H  Three VC approached CAC-A6 ambush at YD815186.   Fired on VC with SAF.   Heard one VC cry out in pain.   VC broke contact and fled to the north.

20 Jun

-- 200800H  Co.H patrol at YD144980 apprehended one Vietnamese male who was farming.   Vietnamese Scout of the patrol believed detainee is a VC.
-- 201045H  3dShoreParty patrol apprehended one Vietnamese male at YD889242.   Detainee turned over to District HQ.
-- 201100H  Co.F OPCON to 4thMarines.
-- 201615H  Two waterbuffalo charged Co.G patrol.   Two USMC were injured and two waterbuffalo killed.   Both men were medevaced by helo.

22 Jun

-- 220100H  3d AT Bn received 6 rounds of SAF at YD821153.   Returned fire with 12 rounds from M-42.   VC broke contact.   Searched area with negative results.
-- 222245H  CAC-A1 observed 4 VC approaching ambush at YD886185.   Fired on VC wounding one.   Captured one wounded VC with weapon and 15 rounds.

23 Jun

-- 231445H  Co.F OPCON 2/26.
-- 232100H  CAC-H4 patrol was proceeding toward village of BAT SON when point man came upon VC acting as sentry.   VC challenged point, point opened fire with SAF.   Patrol received approximately 70 rounds SAF and 4 mortar rounds.   Searched area with negative results.
-- 232310H  CAC-A1 ambush site, was spotted by VC using a scout dog.   VC fired 20 rounds into ambush and fled to the north.

24 Jun

-- 240045H  Village Chief apprehended suspect at YD943126.   Detainee turned over to CIT.
-- 240100H  One PF and one USMC spotted 10 VC at ZD086006.   Fired upon VC with SA.   VC fled to the SE.
-- 240800H  Co.H found at YD882162 1,000 rounds of blank .30 cal ammo.   Also found one 60mm WP round and 3 81mm mortar fin assemblies.   Destroyed all gear and picked up two male detainees.
-- 241800H  Co.F OPCON to 4thMarines.
-- 242237H  CAC-A2 patrol made contact with 3-5 VC at YD909159.   VC broke contact and fled to the NE.

25 Jun

-- 250100H  CAC-H4 fired on 10 VC from ambush located at ZD010030.   Swept area finding one dead VC with bolt action Russian 7.62mm weapon.
-- 250200H  LP at YD902146 received 2 grenades.   Returned fire with SAF and withdrew to perimeter wire.
-- 250725H  Co.G spprehended one male detainee at YD854173.   Detainee turned over to CIT.
-- 252050H  Co.E patrol was enroute to ambush site when point man spotted movement in Pagoda.   The VC challenged at that time.   Point man initiated contact with SAF.   Patrol received approximately 25 rounds SAF and 5 frag grenades with no casualties.   Swept area with negative results.
-- 252300H  CAC-H4 entered VC ambush at ZD015017.   VC initiated with concussion grenade, rifle grenades or rocket rounds and approximately 250 rounds SAF.   CAC-H4 returned SAF and swept area with negative results.

26 Jun

-- 261500H  Co.H apprehended one detainee at YD910154.  Detainee turned over to ITT.
-- 261855H  CAC-A6 patrol leader checking out area when he fell into hole resulting in accidental discharge.   Wounding self in right leg.
-- 262045H  Co.E observed 3 VC at YD993041.   Took VC under fire and VC fled.   Swept area with negative results.
-- 262115H  CAC-H5 observed unknown number of VC at ZD083000.   Fired on VC expending 36 SA rounds and 3 rounds M-79.   Swept area with negative results.

27 Jun

-- 270230H  Co.E observed 2 VC at ZD012027.   Took VC under fire with SAF.   VC fled to the west.  Swept area with negative results.
-- 271730H  CAC-H2 observed 3 VC running north at YD957097.   Took VC under fire.   VC fled to the north.   Swept area with negative results.

28 Jun

-- 280440H  Co.E ambush observed one unlighted boat at ZD007003.   When challenged boat moved out into stream.   Fired one M-79 and SAF over boat.   Boat proceeded.   Fired into boat wounding one Vietnamese.   Observed 2 other boats 100 meters from action.   All three boats came into shore, resulting in nine detainees.
-- 281930H  CAC-H6 apprehended one Vietnamese male at ZD128015.   Detainee taken to CP.
-- 282350H  CAC-H4 observed moving lights at ZD041009.   Fired Arty mission lights went out.

29 Jun

-- 291720H  Resupply chopper received approx. 8 rounds SAF from YD790108.   No fire returned.
-- 292130H  CAC-H8 received SAF and 3 frag grenades at YD986056.   Returned fire with SAF.   VC fled to north.   Searched area with negative results.
-- 292007H  CAC-H4 patrol was ambushed by unknown number of VC at ZD014027.   Returned fire with SAF and swept area.   Found no trace of wounded or dead VC.   Patrol received two WIA in this action.

30 Jun

-- 301710H  SparrowHawk plt deployed to YC905959 by helo.   Upon landing helo received 8 rounds of SAF.   Squad swept area and one man detonated AP mine resulting in one USMC WIA.
-- 302100H  CAC-A6 squad patrol observed 4 VC at YD830176.   Fired on VC with SAF.   VC fled to NE.   Searched area with negative results.
-- 302245H  CAC-H7 security squad saw movement to their front at ZD194009.   Point opened up with a burst of SAF.   When fire stopped one round was heard from an unknown source and a scream was heard from a house 40 meters from where movement was seen.   While searching house squad found a wounded Vietnamese woman who died before medevac could be accomplished.

01 Jul

-- 010630H  Co.G boat team apprehended VN male without ID card at ZD015034.   Detainee turned over to CIT.
-- 012130H  Squad returning to CAC-A6 CP fired on VN male who jumped out of bushes.   Man died shortly after.   VN male later determined to be Rural Development Personnel.

02 Jul

-- 021255H  Co.F apprehended two VN males without ID cards at ZC095998.   Detainees turned over to CIT.
-- 022300H  Co.H ambush spotted 15 VC at YD905106 carrying weapons.   Ambush opened fire at 15 meters resulting in 1 VC KIA(C) and 5 VC KIA(P).   Also capturing one US carbine.

03 Jul

-- 030845H  Truck convoy from 3d MT Bn detonated a mine at ZD104014, resulting in minor damage to truck and two USMC WIA.
-- 031200H  CAC-H7 reported a Vietnamese civilian truck and bridge mortared at ZD822008, resulting in 5 VN wounded and bridge destroyed.

04 Jul

-- 040830H  S-2 received report from CAC-A3 that 5 VC entered home of VN women on the night of 2 July carrying 3 VC KIA's.   The report of VC KIA's on 022300H is now 4 VC KIA(C) and 2 VC KIA(P).
-- 041915H  CAC-H6B set up ambush at ZC148988 after observing 5 VC moving toward their position.   Ambush opened fire with SAF and M-79 grenades.   The result of this action was 1 friendly WIA, 2 VC KIA and 2 M-1 carbines captured.

05 Jul

-- 050945H  At YD808191 road crew from MCB-62 and 3 USMC from CAC-A6 fired on 30 VC in rice field that were being chased by PF's.   Road crew killed 2 VC and 2 VC KIA(P).
-- 051000H  At YD822182 RD team from CAC-A received fire from 10 VC.   VC broke contact and fled to LoiNong where CAC-A6 took them under fire and CAC-A7 set up a blocking position at YD818184 and spotted VC moving toward YD830197.   Opened fire knowking down 2 VC.   Sweep area with neg. results.   RD team lost 3 weapons in contact.
-- 052110H  CAC-H6 initiated ambush on suspected VC at YD143004.   Searched area and found 1 VN civilian female wounded by stray round.   MedEvac not required.

06 Jul

-- 060300H  CAC-A3 patrol returning to CP when point spotted 50 VC in potato field.   VC opened fire on point at time of sighting.   Patrol returned fire and swept area finding 5 VC KIA, evidence of 15 VC KIA(P), 1 French sub-machine gun and assorted gear.
-- 062030H  Co.E made contact with 4 VC at YD825165.   Swept area finding evidence of one VC WIA.
-- 062230H  CAC-A2 sighted approx 150 VC in rice paddies at YD937149.   Arty fire mission called, resulting in 10 VC KIA(P).

07 Jul

-- 072330H  CAC-H7 patrol moving on Hwy #1 heard movement and received one incoming M-26 grenade at AU815008.   Patrol returned fire and VC broke contact.   Three friendly were WIA's in this action.

09 Jul

-- 091200H  3dEngrBn reported an explosion at YD802146.  Suspect that a truck on Route 548 hit mine.
-- 091730H  Marine from Co.G was wounded on lip by shrapnel while blowing dud M-79 round.
-- 092200H  CAC-H2 fired on 7 or 8 VC at YD945072.   VC returned fire with small arms and fled dragging 3 bodies.

11 Jul

-- 110645H  155mm Gun Btry (4/12) received 50-70 incoming 82mm Mortar rounds.   Returned counter mortar fire; 1 USMC was WIA.
-- 111030H  Hamlet Chief informed CAC-A7 that 5 VC assassinated a PF at ZD193014.   PF was shot in head unknown number of times and two notes left on body.
-- 112230H  CAC-H3 sprung ambush on unknown number of VC at YD958087.   VC wotjdrew.   Swept area with negative results; Two PF wounded.

12 Jul

-- 120300H  Movement spotted in Sector C of PhuBai Perimeter.   Sparrow Hawk activated and set up a blocking position.   Sparrow Hawk returned at 0600H with negative results.
-- 121915H  CAC-H6 opened fire on 2 VC at ZC152998.   Area swept with negative results.   One female detained who was apprehended just prior to spotting VC.   Detainee turned over to CIT.

13 Jul

-- 130030H  CAC-A7 patrol returning to CP when RD man fired on patrol wounding one man at YD795194.
-- 130545H  Co.F captured 6 detainees.   Detainees had no ID and turned over to CIT.
-- 130550H  CAC-A6 established a blocking position at YD?80196.   Opened fire and swept area finding 2 VC KIA and capturing 2 detainees and 3 weapons.   Assorted military gear found and turned into Bn S-2.

14 Jul

-- 140200H  Three VC went to the house of Van Sat and shot him in the neck.   Victim was taken to CAC-A3 by family in a serious condition.

15 Jul

-- 150200H  The son ot the Hamlet Chief in ThuyDuong and the son of the Hamlet Chief in ThuyTu were kidnapped by VC at ZD194009.   VC fled South with children.
-- 151200H  Co.F apprehended 1 detainee at YD810163.   Detainee turned over to Bn S-2.
-- 151400H  Co.E found 2,000 pounds of rice in drums at YD797049.   Rice turned over to District Chief.
-- 151645H  Co.F apprehended 2 detainees at YD808160.   Detainees picked up by Bn S-2.
-- 152230H  CAC-H5 patrol was fired on by ARVN Rangers at ZD085006 as patrol was returning to CAC-H5 CP.   One USMC was KIA and one PF was WIA.

16 Jul

-- 162015H  CAC-H2 squad ambush made contact with 7-10 VC at YD943070.   Patrol swept area resulting in 2 VC KIA(P).
-- 162130H  Sector C of PhuBai Vital Area received an incoming grenade at YD896152.   One friendly was WIA.

17 Jul

-- 171250H  CAC-H7 reported that the 2 VN children were taken into mountains for political indoctrination and later released.  (Ref: 150200 entry).
-- 171550H  Co.H patrol found a cache of salt 5 ft x 7 ft x 2-1/2 ft at ZD009001.   Salt was destroyed.
-- 172130H  CAC-H6C walked into VC ambush at ZC136999.   One USMC was WIA and one VC KIA(C).

18 Jul

-- 180350H  CAC-H7 apprehended 4 detainees at ZD192004, three men and one small boy.   Detainees turned over to CIT.
-- 180955H  Co.F apprehended one male VN at YD997135.   Detainee did not have ID card and admitted to have aided VC in building punji pits and stakes.   Detainee turned over to CIT.
-- 181010H  At YD972179, VC jumped out of spider trap, threw grenade, and started to flee - was hit by small arms fire.   The VC KIA(C) was a 1stLt VC District Chief.   He had a good deal of money on person, possible pay master.   He carried suitcase full of documents.   Also at same time and location captured 2 VC in spider trap and one rifle.
-- 181030H  Twenty-one VC fired on rear of Co.H patrol wounding 2 USMC.   Patrol returned fire and VC fled.
-- 181400H  ARVN vehicle detonated a mine at AU833006 wounding 5 ARVN's.   WIA's were medivaced.
-- 181940H  CAC-A3 patrol apprehended one female detainee at YD938140.   Detainee said her job was to pass info to VC in PhuThu District on movement of friendly troops.   Detainee was turned over to CIT.

19 Jul

-- 192155H  3dEngrBn ambush fired on 10-15 VC at YD833167.   VC returned fire upon fleeing.   Search of area found drag marks and blood.   One VC KIA(P).

20 Jul

-- 200900H  Co.E patrol detonated AP mine wounding 5 USMC.   WIA's were medevaced.
-- 201745H  Co.E apprehended one detainee with false ID card.
-- 201800H  CAC-H5 reported that 30-40 VC were in ambush at ZD085995.   One half of ambush was made up of girls.   Villagers said they couldn't understand the language.   All very small and dark.
-- 201945H  Co.E patrol detonated a small pressure type mine, wounding one USMC.

21 Jul

-- 210745H  Co.F apprehended one VN male detainee at YD808160.   Detainee picked up by CIT.
-- 210830H  Co.G OPCON to 3dMarines for Operation BEACON GUIDE.
-- 212200H  CAC-A1 picked up one female detainee without ID card at YD889180.

22 Jul

-- 220820H  CAC-H8 reported that a 72 year old man was taken from his homb by VC and tortured for 10 days because he worked for the village council and had a son on the village council.

23 Jul

-- 230740H  Co.H picked up one detainee at YD907074,   Detainee turned over to CIT.
-- 231700H  At YD820145 ine USMC from Co.H had an accidental discharge with his M-16 rifle.   Man was wounded in his right foot.
-- 232400H  Ten villagers were kidnapped from YD919096 by 20 VC.   Villagers used for carrying rice.

24 Jul

-- 242030H  Hamlet Chief reported that 25 VC abducted several people from Hamlet at ZD144006.   VC were taking people to some sort of assembly when they spotted a Marine ambush at ZD149987, and released people and fled in different directions.

26 Jul

-- 260700H  CAC-A3 reported that a VN male was assassinated by unknown number of VC for not paying VC taxes.
-- 261500H  Co.G OPCON to 2/26.
-- 261615H  Co.E detained 2 VN males at YD906110.
-- 262000H  CAC-H5 fired 3 M-79 grenades at two VC at ZD084002.   One stray round hit gas can by house setting house on fire.   Two VN civilians were burned and MedEvaced.

27 Jul

-- 270910H  3dRecon patrol called arty mission on 20-30 VC at YD829055.   13 secondary explosions were observed, resulting in 10 VC KIA(P).
-- 271215H  CAC-H7 patrol moving south in the vicinity of ZD196009 when patrol detonated two booby traps, killing one USMC and one PF, and wounding 5 USMC WIA.
-- 271700H  CAC-A6 searching house at YD835179 found 60 bottles of medicine and one can of rifle oil.
-- 272205H  CAC-H3 observed VC at YD944072.   Patrol fired on VC resulting in 3 detainees and 10 VC KIA(P).

28 Jul

-- 280630H  CAC-A1 fired on 20 VC at YD857197.   Results in 10 VC KIA(P).

29 Jul

-- 290001H  Co.E OPCON to 3dMarines.
-- 290315H  CAC-H3 received 5 incoming 60mm mortar rounds wounding 2 USMC.

30 Jul

-- 301708H  Co.E OPCON to 2/26.   At 301700H, apprehended one detainee at YD955732.
-- 301900H  CAC-A6/9 was fired upon by an estimated VC squad at YD831173 after detaining one VN male.
-- 302220H  CAC-H1 sprang ambush on 3 VC at YD930111.   Searched area and found blood train.   One VC KIA(P).

31 Jul

-- 310800H  CAC-H1 fired on 4-5 VC at YD938113.   Search of area revealed blood trail and one .45 cal pistol.   Result, 2 VC KIA(P).

01 Aug

-- 011830H  Three Marines became separated from CAC-H6 and made contact with two squad size VC/NVA units at ZC177985.  Results 1 USMC KIA, body not recovered, 2 USMC WIA, 2 Enemy KIA(C) and 7 Enemy KIA(P).

02 Aug

-- 02____H  Capt G.J. Lattimore assumes Command of Co.H, replacing Capt J.J. Rozman.
-- 020115H  Co.H convoy stopped near CAC-H2 to remove a CAC-H2 road block.   Booby trap went off and CAC PFs fired into convoy.   Results 8 USMC WIA.
-- 020700H  Co.F made contact with 13 VC at YD844196.   VC moved into occupied village 200 meters north of Ap LoiNong.   Results, took 65 detainees to District HQ.
-- 021610H  APT apprehended 7 detainees in PhuLoc with large amount of money, 5 cartons of Vietnamese cigarettes, sugar, rice, hidden in baskets.   One was a VC sympathizer, 2 had important papers.   Detainees turned over to District HQ.
-- 022130H  Co.G made contact with 3 VC at YD965045, heard 1 VC scream.   All VC jumped into river, searched area with negative results.
-- 022210H  CAC-H8B made contact with 2 VC at YD991050.   Results, one Enemy KIA(P).

03 Aug

-- 030150H  VC brought back one of the men they kidnapped on 24 July 67 and assassinated him at vic YD916111.
-- 030530H  PRU North Tai reported that PRU unit had info of 4 VC at YD955132.   Enveloped area with diversionary force and got 3 of 4 officials.   Captured documents turned over to HUE.   Result of action, 1 KIA(C), 3 POW, 4 detainees and 1 Thompson submachinegun.

04 Aug

-- 041805H  Co.E and Co.F OPCON to 4thMarines (Operation RUSH).
-- 042000H  CAC-A6B made contact with approx 10-15 VC vic YD834167.   Results, 1 USMC KIA, 4 USMC WIA; 1 Enemy KIA(C) and 1 AK-47 and .45 cal pistol captured.
-- 042150H  CAC-A1 made contact with suspected squad size VC at YD853195.   Results, 5 Enemy KIA(P).

05 Aug

-- 051740H  FLSG-A ammo dump on fire causing continuous explosions lasting approximately 3-1/2 hours.

06 Aug

-- 060930H  Co.H picked up 1 detainee 15-20 years old without ID.   Detainee turned over to Provost Marshal.
-- 062150H  CAC-H1B initiated ambush on 2 VC at YD918107.   Search of area revealed large amounts of blood resulting in 1 Enemy KIA(P).

07 Aug

-- 071535H  H&S Co. Security spotted enemy squad size force vic YD843086.   Fired 106's at VC resulting in 3 KIA(C), air support resulting in 1 KIA(P).

08 Aug

-- 082040H  CAC-A7 reported that Village Police Chief (YD795195) was assassinated by unk. number of VC.

09 Aug

-- 091100H  Vietnamese mail fishing by Troui River Bridge tripped a grenade killing 1 Vietnamese male and wounding 2 others.   Wounded people evacuated.
-- 091350H  ARVN units with Co.H picked up 10 Vietnamese at ZC065995.   Detainees turned over to PhuLoc District Chief.
-- 091600H  Co.E and Co.F return OPCON to 2/26.
-- 092015H  CAP-H6 PltCdr (ZD940008) received info that Marine MIA (Ref: 01Aug67) from CAP-H6 was paraded through hamlets south of CAP-H6.   Marine was reported wounded.   Co.H searched area with negative results.   [*Being carried as KIA.]
-- 092115H  3dReconBn team made contact with approx 10 VC at YD837085.   Called 81mm mortar and 106 RR fire.   Results, 6 enemy KIA(C).

10 Aug

-- 100900H  One female, age 35, at YD926104, turned herself in as a CHIEU HOI to village officials.   CHU HOI was taken to PhuLoc HQ.   1 Chicom grenade, 1 cover and 1 poncho was recovered.

11 Aug

-- 110830H  CAC-H5 reported that an elderly woman was kidnapped by VC at approx 100800H vic ZC083996.   Woman was mother of PF at CAC-H5 position.
-- 111900H  One male turned himself in as CHIEU HOI at ZD039025 and was taken to PhuLoc District HQ for interrogation.   CHIEU HOI later revealed that 804th base camp was located at YC995986, YC996988, and YC993985.

12 Aug

-- 120115H  ARVNs fired upon 12 VC at YD962067.   VC were attempting to kidnap 3 farmers but released them when fired upon.   Swept area with negative results.
-- 120700H  One VC male turned himself in as CHIEU HOI at YD967064.   CHIEU HOI was turned over to local chief.   1 BAR captured.
-- 120930H  CAC-A1 engaged unknown number of VC at YD870187.   Results: 1 VC KIA(C), 6 detainees and 1 .45 pistol captured.
-- 121545H  Co.H detained 6 Vietnamese - 2 without ID's and 4 with questionable ID's at ZC085995.   Detainees questioned at CAC-H5 and determined to be local villagers.   Detainees released.
-- 122010H  Co.E ambushed 1 VC at YD834167.   Search of area revealed blood trails, 1 blood covered utility cover and 2 M-18 mines.   Results: 1 USMC WIA and 1 VC KIA(P).
-- 122107H  Co.H engaged 7-8 VC at ZC087999.   Search of area revealed small amounts of blood.   Results: 1 USMC WIA.

13 Aug

-- 130925H  Village chief reported to CAC-H5 that 1 VN male and 1 VN female were kidnapped at ZC095994 at 122200H and 2 VN males and 6 VN females kidnapped at ZC087997 at 122200H.   One plt of VC reported to be in area.
-- 132120H  Co.E had one of its patrols open fire on one of its ambushes at YD916144, mistaking it for a VC ambush.   Results: 1 USMC non-battle casualty; later declaired KIA by 3dMarDiv.
-- 132200H  One CHIEU HOI turned himself in at CAC-H3.   CHIEU HOI was turned over to District Chief.

14 Aug

-- 141115H  PF's at CAC-A6/9 reported a Vietnamese male was killed by 3 VC for sympathizing with the CAC's.
-- 141300H  Co.H found 2000 lbs of rice at AU818046, AU815045 and AU815047.   Rice turned over to District Chief.
-- 141715H  Co.H received sniper fire at ZD805042.   Returned fire driving off sniper.   Action resulted in 1 USMC WIA.
-- 142100H  Co.G made contact with estimated company of VC at YD944073.   Received 5 rds mortars and heavy small arms fire, returned fire, majority of VC moved south.   Arty and 81mm called.   Results of action: 1 Enemy KIA(C), 10 KIA(P), 4 Friendly WIA.
-- 142115H  Co.G patrol fired on 5 VC at YD957039, attempting to get rice from villagers.   Results of action: 2 Enemy KIA(P).
-- 142130H  CAC-H3B spotted 3 VC in boat moving into ambush, opened fire on VC resulting in 1 KIA(C) and 2 KIA(P).  Captured one AK-50, 2 magazines and 1 M-26 grenade..

15 Aug

-- 152120H  Co.G ambushed 6 VC at YD944073, area swept after incident resulting in 2 VC KIA(P), 1 VC KIA(C), 1 wounded VC detained, 1 AK-47 captured.

16 Aug

-- 160030H  Co.G ambushed 3-5 VC at YD950082.   VC then fled north.   Result of incident: 2 VC KIA(P).
-- 161700H  CAC-H7 received info from Hamlet Chief that 3 VC entered hamlet of Tho-Son at AU812012 to attend Buddist ceremonies.   CAC-H7 swept area and detained 2 persons who were then turned over to District HQ.
-- 162215H  CAC-A3 made contact with 2 VC at YD905116.   VC broke contact and fled in a northwest direction.   Results of indident: 1 USMC WIA.

17 Aug

-- 170030H  CAC-A3 and Co.F ambushed 2 VC at YD998106.   Results: 1 VC KIA(C), captured 1 Chicom bolt action rifle, 2 Chicom grenades, cartridge belt, 50 lbs of rice and 1 magazine.
-- 171145H  CAC-A1 heard S/A fire at YD869188.   Upon investigating, patrol found PF's from LoLuong Loc engaged with unknown number of VC at YD864129.   CAC-A1 received fire and called arty mission.   Luong Loc village chief reported 5 VC KIA(P), 5 PF's WIA.   VC captured 1 M-1 and 1 BAR from PF's.
-- 171030H  Co.G fired pop-up flare which landed on a house in ThuTuu, burning it and one other house down.   CAC-H7 adviced of the situation and owners referred to village chief and PhuLoc District HQ for claims.
-- 172020H  Co.H engaged 12 VC at YD988031 while moving to ambush site.   Three VC were seen to fall.   Search of area revealed large quantities of blood.   Results: 3 VC KIA(P), 1 POW (wounded) and 3 USMC WIA (minor non-medevac).
-- 172140H  Co.G had 1 USMC injured by accidental discharge of .45 pistol.   Round grazed left frontal temple.   Non-battle casualty.
-- 172330H  CAC-H3 opened fire on 1 boat with 2 VC at YD948084.   One VC observed to fall also found drag marks across dikes.   Results: 1 VC KIA(P)..

18 Aug

-- 180730H  CAC-H7 reported that 1 squad of VC captured 1 sub-chief at Phu-Xu-Yen coord ZD144013.
-- 181410H  CAC-A6, A6F, A6E as blocking forces occupied blocking positions and swept south side of canal from YD829199 to YD836196.   Found 3 Chicom grenade booby traps at YD842196 and about 20 new punji pits, 2 lbs of C-4, 13 rds .45 cal ammo, 1 Chinese Claymore in hole in house foundation, disarmed booby trap, burnt C-4.   Going through a gate set off a booby trap resulting in 1 USMC WIA and 1 PF WIA.
-- 181700H  Co.H security OP found suitcase at ZD002035.   Suitcase contained 1 picture and clothing.   Picture was shown to woman in area, and she said woman was VC from Hue and visits in this area.
-- 182000H  CAC-H8 on way to ambush site spotted boy running towards sampans at YD987069 informing people of ambush in area.   Caught boy and turned over to District HQ.
-- 182300H  CAC-H1 reported that 30 VC kidnapped 14 civilians vic YD915095.   They are taking civilians into mountains for communist indoctrination school.

19 Aug

-- 190830H  CAC-H4 reported that a civilian female was wounded with gunshot wound in left leg in District of Vinh-Loc.   Woman was medevaced to A-Med.
-- 190830H  CAC-A3 reported that at 100100H 6 Vietnamese males were kidnapped.   Four near YD896118 & YD897116 and 2 near YD906119.   Reasons for kidnappings unknown.
-- 190930H  Daily minesweep detail truck hit mine at AU822008, resulting in 6 WIA (minor).
-- 191330H  H&S Co. reported that a jeep from 4/12 received 1 rd believed to be 57 recoilless and several small arms rds vic ZD028026, resulting in 2 USMC WIA.
-- 192000H  CAC-H5 reported that 30 VC came to pagoda in outer village vic ZD084006 - ZD085002 and kidnapped 4 people, 1 of them a PhuLoc PF.   Checked area with negative results.
-- 192215H  CAC-H8 reported that a CHIEU HOI turned himself into CAC-H7 vic ZD202010.   He had pack w/rice, hammock, dungarees, cartridge belt with 2 ChiCom grenades.   Says he is from Canh Doung.   CHIEU HOI turned over to District HQ.

21 Aug

-- 210130H  Co.H ambushed 4 VC at ZD029015.   Search of area revealed blood trails resulting in 2 VC KIA(P); 3 USMC WIA (minor).

22 Aug

-- 221015H  Co.H patrol had a water buffalo charge one man.   Fired 16 S/A rounds from M-16 killing the buffalo.
-- 221240H  Co.H patrol found 2 dug up graves vic ZC089991.   Graves are estimated to have been dug up within the last month.   Coffin boxes were split apart around grave.   Also in the same area found 6 bunkers 2'x3'x4'.
-- 221400H  PF's and village officials were holding meeting at YD979086.   While they were eating 5 VC approached and ambushed them.   PF's had no security.   Reactionary force sent; swept area with negative results.   Result of incident: 2 PF's KIA, 1 civilian KIA, 9 civilians WIA, 2 PF's WIA, 1 VC KIA(C).

23 Aug

-- 230100H  CAC-H7 reported that a Vietnamese female was wounded with M-79 grenade fragments believed to have been fired by PF guards on bridge security at ZD194001.   Woman treated by CAC-H7 corpsman.
-- 230200H  CAC-H8 received info from village official that 10 VC had kidnapped 1 male civilian age 50 at YD967948 and taken him into hills to the south.
-- 230330H  Co.F patrol was reforming after completing an ambush at YD893116, when two men operating as flank security were mistaken for VC and were fired on.   Resulting in 1 USMC KIA.
-- 231100H  CAC-H4 detained 1 Vietnamese male at ZD052029, who did not have an ID card.   Detainee taken to District HQ.

24 Aug

-- 240500H  At 0500H and 0600H, 2 civilian trucks hit mines, 1 vehicle hit 105 Rd at AT861997.   Road sweep detail sent to check for additional mines, but found none.
-- 240730H  CAC-H7 reported that 2 VC fired into group of people holding religious meeting vic ZD203012.   VC fired several bursts of automatic fire, killing one and the other died at "A" Med.   PF's pursued enemy, with negative results.
-- 24____H  CAC-A3 had a Vietnamese male age 16 come in with possible bullet wound in right thigh.   He was medevaced to "A" Med.
-- 241615H  CAC-H3 made contact with 10 VC walking down trail at YD957037.   Enemy returned fire with 7-10 grenades, then fled toward mountains.   Results: 3 USMC WIA, 1 PF WIA.  Enemy: 1 KIA(C), 5 KIA(P), 1 AK-47 and documents captured.
-- 241650H  CAC-H3 reported that VC threw grenades at civilians wounding 3, one seriously, at YD960040.   VC then fled back to the mountains.   Village Chief says they were North Vietnamese Regulars.
-- 242020H  CAC-A6B made contact with approximately 4 VC vic YD835171.   PF from A6 CP says VC lived approximately 50 meters from A6 CP.   Results of incident: 1 VC KIA(C), captured 1 Chinese sub-machine gun, 3 magazines with 30 Rds, 1 magazine pouch, 2 ChiCom grenades, first aid pouch and cartridge belt.

25 Aug

-- 250630H  Co.F patrol walked into a flare vic YD915115.   Three men in lead tripped a Neaquin grenade booby trap resulting in 1 USMC KIA, and 3 WIA.
-- 250930H  Bn XO received info from District Adviser that bridges at AT910948 and AT936906 were destroyed during night.   Highway #1 now unpassible.
-- 251000H  Co.G made contact with approximately 6 VC at AU806052 during sweep of Binh An.   Results of incident: 2USMC WIA, 1 VC KIA(C), 1 VC KIA(P), captured 1 M-1 carbine.
-- 251300H  Co.G detained 22 Vietnamese at AU801052, who were suspicious for several reasons.   Persons detained taken to CAC-H7 and to be interrogated by village chief and CIT.
-- 251300H  Co.G found 2-1/2 tons of rice vic AU807048 in three houses which were close together.   Owners have no explanation on excessive amount.   Village Chief contacted, who requested rice be brought to THUA LUO.
-- 251330H  Co.E apprehended 1 VN male at YD895148 for not having ID.   Detainee taken to PMO for questioning.
-- 252030H  CAC-H4 engaged 3 VC at ZD014027, resulting in 1 USMC WIA.   Swept area with negative results.
-- 252200H  Co.H engaged 3 VC at ZD015025, resulting in 1 NVA KIA(C), 1 USMC WIA, captured 1 AK-47, 782 gear, and personal effects.
-- 252200H  Unknown number of VC entered village of Binh An and assassinated hamlet chief's father and 3 children with grenades at AU805052.

26 Aug

-- 260700H  From 0700H to 1700H 2/26 made sweep of village Thon Trung Ha and Thon Triem Am finding 3 tunnels at YD974164, YD972163 and YD975164, 700 lbs rice & 200 lbs of seed, which were picked up.   Detained 7 VN and 1 family of 9 evacuated by District Chief.
-- 261030H  CAC-H5 reported that 2 children playing with M-79 grenade were injured when it exploded at ZC078997.   Treated at CAC-H5 transported to CAC-H1, medevac called from there.
-- 261840H  Co.G patrol spotted 2 Vietnamese at AU805054 with no visible weapons, called for them to stop and they began running.   Patrol fired warning shots, but suspects kept running.   Fired low to wound suspects killing one and the other surrendered.   Results: 1 VC KIA(C), 1 POW, and captured two 1/4lb blocks of TNT and small sack of gun powder.
-- 261945H  CAC-5B spotted 20 VC at ZC085999, hiding weapons under rain coats which they were wearing.   Opened fire, VC returned fire before breaking contact.   Search of area revealed blood trails and drag marks resulting in 1 VC KIA(P), also found Streplemycian Sulfate adn 2 dead and 3 wounded water buffaloes.   1 USMC was WIA.
-- 262000H  Co.H spotted 2 VC heading North vic YD863003.   Enemy brought under fire by rear security, VC threw grenade and fled.   Results, 4 USMC WIA.
-- 262246H  MCB-121 LP observed 7 VC carrying rifles approaching perimeter, at YD895135.   VC came within 30 meters of LP when LP opened fire and threw grenades.   VC then fled in a southerly direction.   While sweeping area patrol received S/A fire and 1 dud grenade.  Results, 1 VC KIA(P).

27 Aug

-- 270100H  Co.H 1stPlt received 15 Rds automatic fire vic AU863003 from approx 3 VC from NW direction.   Returned fire and swept area with negative results.   1 USMC WIA.
-- 270325H  CAC-A HQ reported Hue was mortared.   Army advisor stated to CAC-A HQs that VC were believed to be in vic YD8519 and YD8219.   Fire mission was called.  Results of fire mission on target.
-- 271630H  CAC-H3 reported that Co.G vehicle picked up a girl injured by a falling concrete wall.   Girl was treated at CAC-H8 and then brought to A-Med.
-- 271915H  CAC-H6 reported that 30 VC kidnapped 6 villagers from PHUOC HUNG at 262200H at ZD156012.
-- 272355H  CAC-A3 ambushed 2 VC at YC912109.  Searched area and found 2 NVA helmets and 30 lbs of rice, resulting in 2 VC KIA(P).

28 Aug

-- 280045H  CAC-H3 was fired on at YD911116 by 10 VC.  Pointman was killed instantly and second man wounded.  Reactionary Force dispatched from CAC-A3, swept area with negative results.  1 USMC KIA, 1 USMC WIA, 2 PF's WIA, 1 VC KIA(P).
-- 281330H  Co.G reported that 3 VC mortar rds, 2 duds and 1 exploded, from ZD143004 hit village of Tha Yen, killing 1 VN male.  CAC-H6 pursued VC, but lost them in brush.  CAC-H3 detained 25 VN during patrol.
-- 282030H  CAC-H8 ambushed 20 VC at YD998044.   Reactionary Force was dispatched and engaged same group of VC.  Results: 5 VC KIA(C), 1 USMC WIA.  Captured 1 AK-47 and 1 AK-44.

29 Aug

-- 291920H  CAC-H5 had one VN that had been kidnapped earlier in the month, escaped from VC.  VN stated that VC had one PF from PhuLoc who was captured at ZC095985.   CAC-H5 swept area with negative results.

30 Aug

-- 300001H  Operation LIBERTY commenced.
-- 300200H  MAG-16 came under mortar attack (60mm) and received approx 40 Rds.  Results: 5 UH-34 minor damage, 2 HUIE minor damage, 1 UH-46 extensive damage, 5 UH-46 minor damage.  12 USMC WIA.  3dMT Bn received approx 12 Rds, 2 USMC WIA.  Gia Le attacked by mortar fire at YD829146.  MCB-3 received 4 Rds HE at YD835146, 3dEngineerBn received 1 Rd HE and 3dShorePartyBn received 5 Rds HE.   Results: 2 KIA and 17 WIA.  3dEngrBn 1 USMC WIA.  Fired counter mortar plan 7 and 8, 37 HE 155mm and 169 HE 105mm expended.
-- 300210H  DongDa Training Center received approx 30 Rds mortar fire resulting in 1 ARVN WIA.
-- 300215H  Chinese Nationalist Radio Station received a combined mortar and 57mm attack followed by a ground attack by an estimated 2 VC companies who penetrated perimeter utilizing satchel charges and small ares fire.   Results: 8 ARVN KIA, 4 Chinese KIA, 18 Chinese WIA, 1 civilian killed, 7 wounded, 2 bodies unidentified, 2 buildings destroyed, 1 vehicle destroyed and 2 bunkers destroyed.
-- 300235H  CAC-A HQ at YD846173 received six 60mm mortar Rds, 18-20 other explosions occurred around perimeter.  Results, 2 PF's WIA.
-- 300900H  Co.E 2dPlt found ChiCom grenade and 4 dud 155 Rds at AU862003 and AU848003.  Blew duds and grenade in place.  1 USMC non-battle casualty while blowing duds, non-Med Evaced.  1 detainee vic AU854002 and sent to PhuLoc District HQ.
-- 301000H  CAC-A6/9 and 3dAT Bb patrol found one small cave vic YD832170.  At YD828166 found cave and 9 new ChiCom grenades, documents and 1 large speaker and 100 ft of comm wire at YD813165 also found 1 spider hole.  Blew up caves and turned documents and captured gear to G-1.  Two males and two females detainees taken to CIT.
-- 301230H  CAC HQ reported that CAC-A1A was sent out at 0700H to investigate probable positions of enemy that mortared PhuBai last night and found twenty-two 2-man fighting holes and 4 60mm mortar sites at YD873165.   VC are believed to have fled in northerly direction.  Also found 100 loose covers for 60mm mortars, food wrappers from home made food and open cans of C-Rations with Chinese writing on it.

31 Aug

-- 310950H  Co.G fired on 1 VC at ZD879061.  Results: 1 VC KIA(C), captured 1 ChiCom grenade, 50 lb sack of rice, 1 notebook containing names of people believed to be record of receipt of payment, 1 medal star having Quyet Tang written on it and 1 letter.
-- 312015H  CAC-H6 reported that approx 30 villagers were kidnapped last night from a village in CAC-H6 TAOR and taken to THUY-YEN at ZC145982.
-- 312030H  ARVN unit operating in CAC-H6 TAOR fired on suspected VC at ZD142005.  One VN child age 6 wounded.  Villagers brought child to CAC-H6 position where MedEvac was called.  Child died before MedEvac could be completed.
-- 312330H  Co.E fired on 6 or more VC at YD996045.  Two enemy fell immediately and 1 killed trying to flank their position.  Checked area at first light with negative results; 3 KIA(P).

01 Sep

-- 010108H  PhuBai Vital Area came under mortar and small arms fire.  Received estimated 90 Rds of 82mm Mortar and 20 to 30 Rds SAF.  At 0125H counter mortar fire commenced, ceased counter mortar at 0130H.  Results 131st AVN Co. USA, 1 KIA and 3 WIA; FLSG-A USMC 3 KIA, 27 WIA; 155 Gun Btry USMC 3 WIA, HQBn USMC 19 WIA, PMO USMC 3 WIA.
-- 010800H  Co.H sweeping area of suspected mortar sites which mortared PhuBai at 010108H Sept 67 found 3 mortar positions with aiming stakes vic YD887111.   Several increments found in area.  Also found one 81mm mortar Rd which was blown in place.
-- 010934H  2/26 minesweep security truck hit mine at AT876984, resulting in 3 USMC WIA, 1 MedEvaced.
-- 011015H  XO 2/26 reported that bus hit mine at AU863999, killing 9 civilians and wounding nine.

02 Sep

-- 021545H  Co.H picked up 1 male VN about 20-25 years of age with no ID card who was observing Plts movement.  Turned detainee into CAC-A3 for questioning.

03 Sep

-- 030120H  CAC-H1 reported that VC hit ballot box outside of CAC-H1's compound with 6 or 7 mortar Rds and SAF.  PF's returned fire, enemy broke contact.
-- 030645H  At 0645H to 0745H, XO 2/26 vic ZD097007 reported enemy fired 30-50 Rds 82mm mortars from vic ZD095991 and ZD115973.  Appeared to be one gun at each coord.  During attack all TACP freq. were jammed.  Incoming Rds contained #2 bird shot.  Fired 10 Rds 81mm counter battery fire, enemy fire ceased.  Two vehicles and several tents received minor damage.  1 VN child killed, 2 children wounded, 3 USN WIA, 2 USMC WIA, (all minor).
-- 030845H  CAC-H6 reported that 1 VN female was wounded by VC Booby Trap at ZD155019.  Woman was brought to CAC-H6 for medical assistance, but died.
-- 030930H  CAC-A6 reported that a grenade exploded in market place vic YD818183.  Approx 15 minutes later a grenade exploded at YD822180.  VN girl's body was found, believed she stepped on a mine, which caused explosion.
-- 031000H  CAC-H6 reported three 60mm Mortars landed vic ZD142009.  Two VN women were wounded.  Both women were brought to CAC-H6 for treatment, one died of wounds, the other was treated and MedEvaced to A-Med.
-- 031025H  CAC-H6 reported that 2 mortar Rds landed outside CAC-H6 CP.  Village officials said that mortar positions were at ZC162987.  Arty mission called with good coverage.  There were no casualties.
-- 031520H  Co.F found a suspected wounded VC harboring in a hut at ZD142003.  Suspect was taken to CAC-H6, after interrogation determined to be innocent civilian.
-- 031605H  CAC-H7 received 6-8 60mm mortar Rds which hit near bridge vic ZD806996.  Arty mission called with good target coverage.  There were no casualties.
-- 031620H  Co.F patrol apprehended A VC female suspect in a church at ZD143008.  Suspect was taken to CAC-H6 to be treated and MedEvaced.
-- 032110H  CAC-A HQ received approx 5-6 82mm mortars and small arms attack from side of compound.  Main attack was a late ambush at YD841175 set off by patrol from Cau Vue.  Enemy came from South and fled North.

04 Sep

-- 040400H  HQBn sector "B" heard movement outside the perimeter wire.  A pop-up flare was fired and 3 people were observed running from wire.  Opened fire and checked area at first light finding 2 bodies 40 meters from wire.  Both bodies were identified by a Captain Hoe of the ARVNs, who said that the 2 victims were AWOL and lived in a Village near by.
-- 040840H  CAC-H6 and Co.F received 3 unknown type mortar Rds from suspected enemy vic ZD141001.  Swept area with negative results.  One USMC WIA (minor).
-- 042115H  Co.E ambushed 10 VC on Hwy #1 at ZD055022.  Two VC were seen to fall.  Area searched with negative results.  2 VC KIA(P).

05 Sep

-- 050530H  VC blew up bridge at YD839176.  Bridge security did not observe any VC.  Believe bridge blown by VC underwater team.
-- 050800H  Operation LIBERTY Terminated.
-- 051430H  CAC-H3 reported VC released 5 VN that had been kidnapped prior to the elections.  VN informed Hamlet Chief that there were approx 100 VC in grid square YC9598.

09 Sep

-- 091000H  CAC-H3 reported that 11 water buffalo were killed yesterday by a Marine Unit.   An investigation is being held by CAC-H.
-- 091230H  Co.H found two 105mm Rds and 2 aerial rockets at YD890051.  Rockets appear to be of US make.  Rockets and 105 Rds destroyed in place.  Full description of rockets forwarded to G-2.
-- 092205H  CAC-H1B made contact with 5 VC at YD923104.  VC returned 50-100 Rds of automatic fire then broke contact and headed in a North-Easterly direction.  Results of incident: 1 PF KIA and 2 VC KIA(C).  Captured 1 AK-47, 1 cartridge belt, 2 small notebooks, 2 magazines, 1/2lb of TNT, small bag of rice, civilian clothing, 1 set of utilities, poncho, extra ammo and personal belongings.

10 Sep

-- 102100H  CAC-H2 opened fire on 12 VC at YD945027.  Results of action: 1 VC KIA(C) and one AK-50 captured.

11 Sep

-- 110300H  At YD820181 CAC-A6/9 received direct hits with AP6-2 rockets, approx 20 Satchel Charges, and 8 Rifle Grenades.  CAC-A6/9 returned fire.  Results of Action: 5 USMC KIA, 10 USMC WIA, 3 PF's WIA, destroyed structures in compound, 5 buildings, 2 bunkers, front gate and all radio communication.  There were 8 VC KIA(P).
-- 110430H  MP Bn reported 1 USMC firing at MP manning South Checkpoint.  A CB in Sector D shot the Marine doing the firing in the shoulder.  Results: 1 non-battle casualty.
-- 111930H  3dEngrBn received sniper rounds in vic YD781132.  Arty mission called, sniper fire ceased.  Results of action: 1 USMC WIA and MedEvaced, results of enemy unknown.
-- 112140H  CAC-H2 patrol ambushed 7 VC at YD947065.   VC fled in Southerly direction.  Swept area with negative results.
-- 112315H  At YD781132 3dEnbrBn received 7 to 8 60mm Rds, also automatic and semi-automatic SAF.  Returned SAF and called Arty mission.  Results of action: 1 USMC WIA.

13 Sep

-- 130330H  Co.H patrol at YD898097 made contact with 30 VC, exchanged fire at 100 meters.  VC broke contact and fled Southwest.  Swept area with negative results.
-- 130840H  While minesweep proceeded down Route #1 at ZD134010, VC detonated 6 155mm Artillery Rds which had been placed along road as mines.  There were no casualties.  Minesweep incident was followed immediately by a mortar attack on CAC-H6.  At this time CAC-H7 made contact and CAC-H7A patrol had made contact at AU205025.   100 VC were estimated in the area.  A reactionary force from CAC-H7 was sent to assist CAC-H7A who were pinned down by enemy fire.  Enemy then broke contact and sporadic enemy fire was received with no effect.  Results of incidents: FR/KIA 2 USMC, 1 PF; FR/WIA 3 USMC, 2 PF.  MedEvaced 4.   2 VC KIA(C), 15-20 KIA(P).  Captured 1 ChiCom grenade, rifle grenade and satchel charge.
-- 130845H  Co.F detonated a pressure type Booby Trap on trail at YD836196.  Results: 1 USMC WIA.
-- 131925H  Co.G patrol was ambushed from hedge row at ZC083998.  Patrol assaulted through ambush.  Results of action: 3 VC KIA(C), 2 USMC WIA.
-- 132200H  30 VC commenced firing on CAC-A1 PF's village from YD863150.  CAC-A1 called in fire mission and then went to check the area.  They then received 200-300 SAF, VC fled area in northerly direction, a secondary mission called.  PF's of CAC-A1 researched ares of contact.  Villagers reported observing VC retreating North with 6 Enemy KIA, 2 VC and 4 Regional Forces and also 3 WIA's.  KIA's were caused by second fire mission.  Results: 6 Enemy KIA(P).
-- 132125H  Seven to ten VC walked into CAC-H8B's ambush at YD975050.  Ambush initiated by a claymore mine, VC returned 200-300 Rds small arms fire plus 2 grenades, then broke contact.  Results of Action: 1 Enemy KIA(C), 3 Enemy KIA(P).  Captured 1 SKS Carbine Rifle, 1 cartridge belt, 20 Rds 7.62 Chi-Com and 2 Chi-Com grenades.  1 USMC and 1 PF WIA (Minor)..

14 Sep

-- 140415H  H3 initiated ambush on 10 VC vic YD892088.  Fired 250 M-60 Rds, 500 M-16, 4 M-79 and 1 grenade, VC returned 25 Rds small arms and disbursed.  Searched area at 1st light, resulting in 1 enemy KIA(C).  Captured 1 AK-47 w/magazine, 150 lb pack of rice and medical supplies, 2 KIA(P).
-- 140915H  3dShorePartyBn found 10 82mm Chi-Com duds at YD823137.  Also markers constructed of mounds of rock, bamboo, and grass arrows pointed in direction of Gia Le Combat Base.  Rds were 2 to 3 months old and were destroyed in place.
-- 142015H  Co.H and CAC-H2 patrol fired on 12 VC at YD995072.  Enemy disbursed.  Sweep of area revealed 1 Enemy KIA(C).  Captured one AK-50, Cartridge belt with NVA buckle, 1 rice carrying bag and one raincoat.

15 Sep

-- 151015H  Co.G patrol received fire from 2-4 VC while crossing bridge at AU804051.  Returned fire and VC broke contact.  Swept area with negative results.  1 USMC WIA and MedEvaced by vehicle.
-- 151015H  Co.H Plt was charged by 3 water buffalos vic YD912093.  Fired on water buffalos killing one.  One USMC wounded by buffalo and MedEvaced.

16 Sep

-- 160920H  Co.F patrol detonated anti-personnel mine vic YD831210.  Results: 1 USMC WIA.
-- 161140H  Co.F patrol detonated a well camouflaged pressure type booby trap vic YD834196, resulting in 1 USMC WIA (MedEvaced).
-- 162000H  Co.G patrol enroute to ambush site received fire vic ZD094003 from undetermined number of VC.   Patrol returned fire and observed 4 VC fall.  Co.G dispatched 2 reaction forces and also received fire at ZD096998.  Assaulted through area with Neg. results.   Returned to first encounter and observed 1 VN running.  Detained same.  Results of action: 6 USMC WIA (MedEvaced), 1 USMC WIA minor, 1 non-battle casualty.  4 VC KIA(P).

17 Sep

-- 170030H  CAC-H5 at ZD085014 saw 1 VN boat moving towards their ambush point.  Boat contained 1 VN suspect with no ID card.  Suspect had piece of paper and 30 dollars.  Detainee taken to CAC-H5.
-- 170215H  CAC-H7 compound at ZD201010 received incoming B-40 rockets fired from ZD198015 by approx 4-5 VC.   Compound received small arms and M-79 Rds.  CAC-H7 and Co.G defended compound witn SAF and mortar fire.
-- 170930H  Co.L 3/26 made OPCON to 2/26.
-- 172100H  CAC-H3 reported that VC kidnapped 3 VN males from NAM-PHU-CAN vic YD963051.  Checked area with negative results.

18 Sep

-- 189720H  Minesweep truck hit 105 Rd mine vic ZD068012.  Results: 5 USMC WIA.  Truck badly damaged.

19 Sep

-- 191815H  CAC-H3 reported that a PF at bridge vic YD963067 killed himself accidentally with a grenade.  PF's and ARVN handled burial.
-- 191930H  Co.F patrol made contact with 5 VC.  VC fled west.  1 KIA(P).
-- 192105H  Co.L patrol spotted 3 VC in the water and 2 more on the bank of river vic YD754142.   Patrol fired, 1 VC fell into the water.  Checked area and found 1/4 lb TNT primed.  1 KIA(P).

20 Sep

-- 200700H  CAC-H5 reported that the man captured from the MAC-V compound a month ago was reported being seen at ZC079984 and ZC083984.  He was reported saying he did not want to return to the Americans.   He is a Negro American Army Sgt.   Man was seen at 1700H with Approx. 20 VC with Small arms, he was not armed.   Information received from Village Chief.
-- 200930H  Co.E patrol came across 15 VN males and 2 females carrying wood cutting gear towards mountains.  Kit Carson Scouts believe one was an ARVN Draft Dodger or VC.   Detainee had no ID and was taken to PMO.
-- 201105H  MCB-74 had an industrial accident.  A chain snapped and hit a CB across back, resulting in lacerations across the back and internal bleeding.  Man MedEvaced.
-- 202050H  Co.F patrol made contact with undetermined number of VC at YD956076.   Patrol opened fire with SAF, claymores and M-26 grenades.  Results: 3 VC KIA(C), captured 1 M-1 Carbine, 1 ChiCom bolt action 7.62mm Carbine with bayonet, 2 cartridge belts, 2 M-1 magazines, 1 AK-47 magazine, 2 uniforms with khaki trousers and green shirts, documents, list of names, and photos.
-- 202055H  CAC-H3 reported that friendly unit made contact at YD953082.  When firing illumination one round fell in hamlet around CAC-H3 CP.  5 VN treated for wounds.

21 Sep

-- 210020H  3dTankBn patrol ambushed 4 VC at YD836169.  Results: 2 VC KIA(P).
-- 211730H  Co.E reported one man was bitten by a rat.  Man sent to BAS following morning for treatment.
-- 212015H  CAC-H8 PFs ambushed 30 VC at YD976048.  Swept area and found 1 VC KIA(C), captured 1 SKS-44 weapon.
-- 212200H  Co.F patrol made contact with 15 VC with automatic weapons carrying rice at YD916101.  Results: 4 USMC WIA, 3 MedEvaced (1 minor); 4 enemy KIA(P), 1 detainee picked up and turned over to PMO.

22 Sep

-- 220400H  CAC-H8 patrol firing on enemy wounded 2 VN children.  Children MedEvaced to A-Med.

23 Sep

-- 230905H  Co.E while providing security on two vehicles heading east, second CB vehicle side-swiped 2 vehicles from Recon.  Results: 1 USMC suffered broken arm and was MedEvaced, Minor damage to vehicles.
-- 231300H  CAC-H5 was informed by villagers that a VC was killed 2 days ago at ZC084999.  CAC-H5 checked area and found 1 dead VC and 1 M-1 Carbine.  PRUs made contact in that area 2 nights ago and were credited with kill.
-- 231600H  CAC-H3 reported one VC turned himself and one weapon into CAC-H3 CP vic YD967064.  VC turned over to CIT.
-- 232140H  CAC-H7 reported that Thua Lum Bridge, vic ZD201011, received SAF from estimated VC squad.  Manned perimeter and returned fire.  Results: 1 VC KIA(P).

24 Sep

-- 240010H  PFs from CAC-H6 initiated ambush on 7 VC entering house at ZD013019.  Results: 1 VC KIA(C) and 2 VC KIA(P).  3 PF WIA.  Captured 1 AK-47 and 1 9mm pistol, 3 AK-47 magazines and 900 piasters.
-- 241130H  CAC-H3 reported 2 VC that wanted to Chieu Hoi were re-captured by 30 VC at 0900H vic YD960080.  Villagers told CAC-H3A that VC came in by boat from Phu Thu and left in same direction.  CAC-H3A went to get Chieu Hoi with negative results.  Patrol returned with one VN woman who might be VC.  Detainee turned over to CIT for interrogation.
-- 241520H  3dTankBn patrol made contact with 2 VC on trail at YD831166.  Results: 1 VC KIA(C).  Captured 1 7.62 ChiCom weapon, 1 M-26 grenade and 1 poncho.  2 civilians detained and taken to Division CIT.
-- 241600H  CAC-H4 reported 1 VN female age 11 was killed vic ZD015033.  Enemy fire was observed by AO in area.  No contact in area reported.
-- 242250H  Co.F patrol ambushed 3 VC vic YD908112.  Results: 1 VC KIA(P).

25 Sep

-- 250300H  CAC-H3B sighted 110-115 VC moving South vic YD957077, then fired on another group of approx 100-105 VC.  Results 2 VC KIA(C).  Captured 1 AK-47 and 1 AK-50, 4 bags of rice and hats.
-- 250500H  Co.F patrol ambushed unknown number of VC vic YD942068.  Swept area and found 1 VC KIA(C).  At 0745H villagers informed PFs that 1 VC wounded in last nights action was hiding in Venh-Vy vic YD942067.  Co.F and CAC-H2 Actual brought VC to CAC-H2 for treatment.  VC said his unit was K-4 Plt 804th B Battalion and that there were 14 VC killed or wounded.  Results of overall contact: 1 KIA(C), 14 KIA(P), and 1 POW.  Captured Cartridge belt, 30 Rds AK-47 ammo, and 2 blocks TNT.
-- 251145H  CAC-H2 received informatin from villager in Ha Chan vic YD957098 that 1 VC was wounded last night and requested aid from them.  Patrol sent out and found 1 VC not wounded.  POW turned over to CIT.  Captured 2 ChiCom grenades, 1 NVA belt and buckle, 2 canteens and 1 poncho.
-- 251500H  3dTankBn patrol fired on one VC at YD835169.  Results: 1 VC KIA(P).  Civilians informed patrol that VC killed was Chinh, a 17 year old from village of Phuong Lam.
-- 251600H  Co.F patrol found 1 VC mortar site at YD943035.  Mortar site was 6 feet diameter.  Also found 1 M-26 grenade which was blown in place.
-- 251935H  Co.E patrol while moving into ambush site made contact with 15 enemy moving in Southeast direction at ZD200860.  1 VC was seen to fall.  Results: 2 USMC WIA (minor) and 1 VC KIA(P).
-- 252100H  CAC-H8B patrol heard movement to rear of ambush site.  Threw 1 grenade and fired approx 70 Rds SAF.  PFs and rear security had been mistaken for VC.  Results: 1 PF WIA.
-- 252200H  CAC-H8 reported that 3 VC kidnapped a 18 year old VN boy vic YD982083.  VC came and departed by boat.

26 Sep

-- 260145H  L/3/26 was probed by suspected enemy, received 1 Chicom grenade and SAF.  Returned fire and swept area finding 1 bloody M-26 grenade.  Result of action: 1 USMC WIA and 1 VC KIA(P).
-- 262330H  CAC-H7 81mm fired 3 Rds of HE H&I at vic AU809010.  Checked out area and found 7 civilians killed and 11 wounded.  2 Rds were direct hits on house, 3d Rd hit 10 meters short of house.  All people were in house.  There was some sort of meeting being held and VC were present.  Found blood trails, believed to be where VC had carried off bodies in Northeast direction, resulting in 1 VC KIA(P).

27 Sep

-- 270320H  CAC-A7 and Special Forces reported seeing severalVC reconning ambush site.  At 0510H VC launched an assault lasting 45 minutes.  Sweep of area revealed much blood and drag marks.  6 Chinese merceneries WIA.
-- 270400H  Co.H ambush sank 1 Sampan with 2 people aboard in stream near village of Thon Ha Vind, vic YD956085.  Ambush received fire which appeared to be M-79 grenade.  Swept area and found 30 50lb sacks of rice in burlap bags with "AMERICAN FRIENDSHIP" written on the sides.  VN reported that VC come to this hamlet every 5 days to pick up rice.  Rice was taken to CAC-H3.
-- 270500H  3dMT Bn gate guard challenged a person 40 meters from his position then received approx 15 Rds SAF.  Sentry returned fire with negative results.  Guard was wounded in leg.
-- 271600H  CAC-H1 treated 1 VN woman for scrapnel wounds.  Woman believed to be VC sympathizer.  Detainee taken to PMO for interrogation.
-- 271800H  Co.G and CAC-H7 at AU817047 round 5-1/2 55gal drums of rice, syringes, and several bottles of unknown medicine.  Rice destroyed as per instructions of District Chief.  Other supplies taken to CAC-H7.
-- 272115H  Co.H squad ambushed approx 40 VC moving North to South at YD904097.  Co.H patrol fired 2000 M-16 Rds, 50 .45 cak Rds, 20 M-26 grenades, 40 M-79 Rds and 1000 M-60 MG Rds.  VC returned 300 SAF and 12 grenades.  Results: 1 USMC KIA  [PFC Jose Anibal Flores],  5 USMC WIA (3 MedEvaced); 17 Enemy KIA(C), 3 KIA(P), 2 POW.  Weapons captured: 9 AK-47s, 3 SKS carbines, 16 AK-47 magazines, 9 ChiCom grenades and misc. 782 gear.
-- 272115H  Co.H and CAC-H2 with sniper team from 26thMarines observed 2-4 VC standing on Road.  VC fired either 1 rifle grenade or M-79 Rd.  Returned 200 SAF.  Sniper hit 1 VC resulting in 1 Enemy KIA(P).

28 Sep

-- 282115H  CAC-A2 made contact with 2 to 3 VC, vic YD909157.  Results: 1 VC KIA(P).  Captured 1 M-1 carbine.

29 Sep

-- 290225H  CAC-A OP at YD846173 received 3 Rds 82mm mortars or B-40 rockets.  OP also received 2 Plastic Shape Charges.  PFs returned fire.  Searched area with negative results.
-- 291200H  CAC-H3 reported that a wounded VC with weapon turned himself in as a Chieu Hoi at YD950050.  Chieu Hoi turned over to CIT for investigation and medical treatment.
-- 292000H  Co.G patrol was ambushed by unknown number of VC while enroute to ambush site vic ZD193006.  Received 2 concussion grenades.  Patrol spotted 3 VC and pursued with negative results.  4 USMC WIA (minor).

01 Oct

-- 010430H  Received info from Division COC that VC mines destroyed culverts at ZD059021, 100% destroyed (ARVN's repairing).  At ZD059021, 80% destroyed (Marines repairing).  At AU846001, 60% destroyed (ARVN's repairing).  All are impassable.
-- 010645H  Co.G vic ZD095007 received total of 30 82mm Mortar Rounds, 6-57mm RR Rds, 300 .50 Calibre, and 400 Rds SAF from vic ZC095982 - ZC100983.  CB's had two vehicles damaged and 1 CB WIA.  Three USMC WIA (minor).  ARVN's reported 1 KIA and 12 WIA, 4 ARVN vehicles were damaged.  Co.G fired 56 Rds counter-mortar plan and ARVN's fired 30 Rds 105's.  Co.G patrol sent to area following air strikes and found 1 57mm RR position with 6 expended Rds and six fighting holes.
-- 010807H  2/26 Minesweep vic ZD052026 made contact with 15 VC with 2 automatic weapons vic ZD053024.  Minesweep security returned fire, enemy fire ceased.  Continued with minesweep, when point reached bridge at ZD056025, VC blew bridge, at this time received 10-15 rds sniper fire from vic ZD052012.  Returned fire with .50 Cal and M-60 MG's.  VC broke contact.  Results: 3 USMC WIA.  At 1010H, CB's made road passable.
-- 011100H  CAC-H7 checked bridge at ZD198011, finding North side of bridge was blown.  Middle and right pillars alwo were blown.  Bridge Commander reported a large explosion and received 2 M-79 Rds. and much SAF and AWF from North.  Fire was returned.  VC broke contact.  Searched area with negative results.  Bridge impassable for large trucks.
-- 011345H  CAC-H5 patrol made sweep checking homes and boats on river vic ZD084014, finding 4 VN Males, which were checked by PF and village police and found to be a Draft-Dodger.  Detainees taken to District HQ at PhuLoc.
-- 012055H  CAC-H8 patrol ambushed 5 VC vic YD966043.  Results: 1 VC KIA(C) and one automatic weapon captured.

02 Oct

-- 021145H  2/26 Minesweep reported bridge at AU851001 was blown.  Bridge impassable.
-- 022230H  CAC-H3 obtained 3 detainees at ZD141009.  Detainees turned over to ITT at CAC-H6 position.

03 Oct

-- 030200H  CAC-H6 vic ZD189009 received six 60mm Mortar Rds at ZD134000 and about 20 SAF, resulting in 1 PF WIA.  MedEvaced.
-- 032300H  Co.H patrol spotted 175 VC moving NE at YD905101.  Rear security of ambush spotted VC, but were unable to move ambush position in time to engage VC.  VC were carrying rifles and rice baskets.  Area swept at first light with negative results.

04 Oct

-- 040315H  CAC-H1 reported bridge at YD926103 was blown.  Bridge impassable to vehicles.  Area swept with negative results.  2 USMC WIA (minor).
-- 040430H  Co.F detained 1 VN male who walked into their ambush.  Detainee turned over to CIT.

05 Oct

-- 051145H  CAC-H2 PF on watch spotted 2 people on road vic YD934085 without ID cards who had large amount of money.  Detainees turned over to CIT.
-- 051700H  CB Security (G/2/26) detained 2 persons at ZD114013.  Detainees turned over to CIT.
-- 052220H  Co.G ambushed 3 VC at YD909110.  VC returned fire and broke contact.  2 USMC WIA.  MedEvac chopper returning to PhuBai received 5 to 10 Rds SAF from YD899126 at 052315H and crached at YD902120.  One USMC WIA.  Chase chopper evacuated all on board.  2/26 dispatched a Plt to provide security for downed chopper.  Chopper pick-up completed by 061600H and security element returned.  Co.F swept area and found 1 NVA helmet, various items of 782 gear, and 1 bloody battle dressing.  1 VC KIA(P).

06 Oct

-- 060200H  CAC-A3 patrol went to bridge on Hwy #1 at YD913117, after hearing PFs firing.  PF's had spotted bubbles in water.  Area checked with negative results.  As CAC-A3 patrol was returning to CP more firing was heard.  Patrol returned to bridge and spotted bubbles.  Seven M-26 grenades were dropped and M-16 rounds were fired into water with negative results.  Patrol left the bridge at 0240H and at 0245H the bridge was blown.  Bridge impassable.
-- 060800H  3dReconBn patrol came under SAF at YD918058.  Co.F came to aid of Recon and assisted in Recon MedEvac and reinserted Recon.  Swept area with negative results.  1 USMC WIA.
-- 061030H  L/3/26 reported that 2 USMC from 3dEngrBn had drowned in the Ta Trach River at YD754142.  One Marine apparently fell in and was swept away.  A second Marine trying to save the first was also swept away.  A search for the bodies was conducted, but was not successful.
-- 061530H  Marine from Co.H had an accidental discharge at YD838176.  One USMC and one USN non-battle casualty (minor).
-- 062200H  Co.F patrol in ambush spotted approx 12 VC moving towards FA2's position and were fired upon at 300 meters.  VC moved on towards FA3's position and were taken under fire.  VC moved towards FA1's position vic YD914106, ambush opened up with 800 S/A rds, 50 M-79 rds, 2 law's and 20 M-26 grenades.  Enemy returned SAF and threw ChiCom grenades.  Enemy was trapped in hedgerow 15 meters from FA1's position.  Called for illumination and flareship, found 4 enemy KIA(C) and 2 KIA(P) seen being dragged,  Captured 2 AK-47's, 1 SKS Soviet 7.62 semi-auto, 5 ChiCom grenades, 2 NVA belts, 2 VC cartridge belts, 4 AK-47 magazines, 1st aid kit and 3 ponchos.  One USMC WIA.

07 Oct

-- 070300H  Co.F patrol in ambush site vic YD924081 spotted 100 VC moving north by northwest 150 meters west of ambush site.  Called in flareship to check grid YD9308 and YD9409, with negative results.
-- 070945H  Co.E vic ZC112993 received 22 rds 82mm mortar rds from vic ZC099979.  At 0950H commenced counter mortar fire with 81mm firing 49 rds of HE, 60mm fired 8 rds HE also fired 100 rds SAF.  AO reported possible mortar site at ZC108994.  Fixed wing dropped 4 bombs and observed what appeared to be a body flying through the air.  Two bombs were duds.  Dispatched squad to check out area and blow bombs.  Results: One USMC KIA, 4 USMC WIA, 5 USN WIA, 1 ARVN WIA and 4 PF WIA..
-- 071100H  Co.E patrol detained 6 VN males and 1 VN female vic AU210035.  None had ID cards.  CIT and Hamlet chief cleared all but one, which Hamlet chief believed to be VC.  Detainee turned over to PMO.
-- 071211H  CAC-H HQ reported civilian rice truck hit mine vic ZD065041.  1 VN slightly wounded and MedEvaced to CauHai Dispensary.
-- 072150H  CAC-H6 bridge security at ZD137011 spotted 1 VC approaching bridge with mine.  Fired 18 rds SAF at VC, heard scream and splash in water.  Approx 20 other VC were spotted leaving the area.  Ex[emded 500 rds SAF and 20 M-79 with unknown results.  Swept area and found 1 automatic weapon with magazines (sub-machine) and 3 mines, 20 lb TNT pressure type , and 1/4 lb which had detonated.  Results: 1 VC KIA(P).

08 Oct

-- 081745H  L/3/26 at YD745154 received report from a National that the body of a white male was seen 2000m down stream of their position.  A check proved the body to be a VN with his throat slit and his arms chopped off.

09 Oct

-- 090115H  A PF compound received fire from approx 10 VC vic ZD041023.  CAC-H4 sent reaction force.  Results 1 enemy KIA(P).

10 Oct

-- 100250H  Bridge repair crew reported that bridge at ZD137010 was blown, being 50% demolished.  Patrol sent to check area finding 1 charge with 1 lb explosive and a couple pieces of pull cord.  Also found where VC set in while setting charge.  Estimate 4 VC heading west.
-- 100805H  Co.G patrol reported culvert at ZC167011 had been blown and passable to 6x6 traffic.  Patrol estimated 35% damage.  Checked area for mines with neg results.
-- 100945H  Co.G at ZD097006 received 6 mortar rds from vic ZD099990 and ZD098990.  Fired counter mortar in grid ZD0901.  Helicopter in area spotted mortar and hit ZD108008 with rockets and MG fire.  Results: 1 USMC WIA and 1 CS WIA.
-- 101100H  Co.G reported NUROC NGOT Bridge at ZD169001 received 5-82mm Mortar rds all from vic ZC145006.  AO checked area.  At 1630H, received 16-82mm Mortar rds, ARVN ran Air Strike and counter mortar fire was shot.
-- 101740H  Co.E was inserted at ZD148033 in search of downed aircraft.  At 2230-110724H, Co.E found parts of boxes and navagation books at ZD155055, utilizing illumination throughout the night through use of Flare Ship.  Found parts of bodies and MPC in area.  At 0724H, found main part of plane at ZD157055.
-- 101900H  Co.H patrol fired on 4 VC in treeline vic YD895100.  VC yelled that they were from Golf Company.  At this time point element hesitated and this is when they took casualties.  Results: 1 USMC KIA   [Cpl Wayne Tyrone Moll]   and 3 USMC WIA.  Patrol called in and found Company G had no units in area.  Called for illumination, swept area with negative results.
-- 102120H  CAC-H5B patrol fired on 3 VC vic ZD086014.  Saw 1 VC fall to ground.  Searched area and found drag marks, resulting in 2 enemy KIA(P).

11 Oct

-- 110830H  CAC-H1 patrols received info from Village Chief of 1 wounded VC in CAC-H1's TAOR.  A civilian who said he knew where VC was hiding led H1A patrol to vic.  Patrol captured VC, and turned over to CIT.
-- 111200H  Co.E reported Air Force investigating Officer and 3 Engineers arrived at ZD155055 to investigate downed plane.  At 1900H, reported having 7 bags partially filled with bodies, and 200 lbs of mail.  Bodies will be taken to PhuBai and then DaNang.  There are 9 Air Force and 6 USMC Recovery and Investigating Teams.
-- 111445H  CAC-H6 at ZD139009/ZD153010 received 6 to 8 82mm Mortar Rds from vic ZC164994.  NUOC NGOT Bridge also received 2 Rds.  Fired 5 Rds counter-battery fire at ZC159793.  At 1500H AO adjusted fire at ZC157990 to ZD166990.  Patrol found possible mortar positions at ZD155988, also found Base Camp large enough to accommodate 2 Plts at ZD156991.  Fire pits still warm.
-- 112350H  Co.H patrol received 12 Rds 81mm or 82mm Mortar Rds at YD949052.  Direction which Mortars were fired unknown.  Results: 1 USMC KIA  [LCpl Randolph Duvall, Jr.]  and 3 USMC WIA.  MedEvac called.

12 Oct

-- 121745H  3dShorePartyBn reported VN bus hit a mine at YD814297.  Mine approx 25-40 lb charge.  MCB-3 took 13 VN civilians to HUE Hospital.
-- 121500H  Co.F reported Marine Huey Helicopter VT-19 carrying 5 persons crashed and turned over on its side at ZD144048.  One person believed to have broken arm (USAF).  Helo was a total loss.
-- 121800H  CAC-H1 VN bus traveling SE on Highway #1 vic ZD073010 hit a mine.  A bus following brought injured to CAC-H1 where they were treated and MedEvaced.  2 civilians were killed.
-- 122330H  CAC-H3 at YD967063 reported ARVN on opposite side of Troui Bridge received 1 incoming explosive device, believed to be a B-40 Rocket.  Returned fire, 1 ARVN WIA and MedEvaced.

13 Oct

-- 130830H  CAC-H7 reported that a culvert was blown at ZD167011.  Culvert was blown during the night.  Road is passable to one-way traffic.
-- 131400H  CAC-H3 reported ARVNS picked up 4 detainees at YD967063.  These people had been captured by VC and taken in the Hills for indoctrination.  They either escaped or were released.  Detainees interrogated by CIT.

14 Oct

-- 140800H  Patrol detained 3 males with false ID cards at ZD078014.  Detainees taken to CAC-H5 CP.
-- 141820H  L/4/12 at YD888127, during a fire mission an explosion from unknown cause occured inside turret of Gun #5, M-109, 155mm Howitzer, resulting in 4 WIA's.  Evacuated to A-Med, Investigation initiated.

15 Oct

-- 151200H  CAC-H HQ reported that an ARVN constructed concrete bridge at ZD076010 was blown with 100% damage, however road remained passable to all traffic.  Area checked with negative results.
-- 151345H  Co.G patrol found 20 fresh unfinished fighting holes at YD919090.  Villagers pointed out 1 VC.  Found 3 bags of rice, 1 utility shirt, and 2 utility covers of unfriendly origin.  Patrol continued sweep and detained 1 VN male.  Two detainees turned over to MP detail.
-- 151850H  Co.E ambush made contact with unknown number of VC at ZC091994.  Swept area and found blood footprints resulting in 1 enemy KIA(P).
-- 152030H  Co.F patrol on bridge security at YD933085 reported one man attempted to throw M-26 grenade from bunker at suspected VC activity in water.  In doing so, he dropped grenade and as he picked it up again it detonated, wounding himself critically, one USMC and one PF.  All 2 WIA's MedEvaced to A-Med.
-- 152315H  Co.F bridge security at YD808190 reported a civilian convoy consisting of 30 buses, apparently was a funeral, heading for HUE.  Checked buses for ID's and weapons.  All had ID's and no weapons were found.  After last vehicle was 150-200 meters away, figures were seen disembarking and security received 30 Rds SAF.  No fire returned.

16 Oct

-- 160700H  CAC-A3 at YD912118 reported that a VN male turned himself in saying he was a VC.  He is 18 years old and came from PhuBai II.  Turned over to CIT.
-- 161645H  CAC-A3 reported VN male turned himself in as a Chieu Hoi.  Man is 25 years old and had a ChiCom type Carbine.  Chieu Hoi turned over to ITT.

17 Oct

-- 17____H  1stLt S.M. Hartman assumes Command of Co.H, replacing Capt G.J. Lattimore.

18 Oct

-- 181055H  Co.G found 2 VN males who appeared to be hiding between pagoda at YD905116.  Detainees taken to CAC-A3.
-- 181200H  Co.G patrol heavily damaged a Buddhist Temple at YD903106.  Incident was discovered by S-5 on routine visit to village 20 Oct.  G-5 and Division Legal Officer immediately notified.  S-5 2/26 contacted the CAC-A3 NCOIC, Village Chief, Hamlet Chief, Buddhist Priest and 4/12 Civil Affairs Officer.  Arrangements were made to pay solatium as soon as possible.  Squad Leader personally apoligized to Village Officials and Buddhist Family Representatives.  Board of inquiry convened to establish financial resposibility and investigation officer appointed to initiate BnCdrs Judicial Action.

19 Oct

-- 191415H  H&S Co. security reported that a truck hit a mine at YD803146.  Results: 5 USMC WIA.
-- 192030H  CAC-H7 reported that villagers reported to PF's that 2 groups of 100 or more VC came to AU816047 to get food.  VC came from and returned to mountains at ZD194047.
-- 192130H  CAC-H4 at ZD088007 reported that approx 7 Mortar Rds & 2 M-79 Rds impacted about 100 meters East of CAC-H5 CP, landing among houses on North side of Hwy #1 wounding 2 VN males and 1 Female.  Swept area, unable to find enemy, but found Anti US leaflets at ZD084003.  Villagers did not know of VC presence.  Emergency MedEvac called for one VN female.

20 Oct

-- 201700H  CAC-A3 reported that 2-15 year old children were killed by a possible claymore while tending their buffalos at YD885104.  CAC-A3 actual found out from people in area that there was a friendly unit 400 meters NE of area, also found handle from hand generator of Claymore and some Claymore pellets.
-- 200725H  Co.F security on bridge at YD836175 saw bubbles in water.  One man threw a grenade which hit on opposite side of river by a tent wounding 2 USMC, non-battle casualties.  MedEvaced by vehicle to A-Med.
-- 200730H  CAC-H3 at YD967064 reported village chief brought 100 propaganda leaflets, urging Yankees to go home, and also ARVNS not to fight the VC.  Incident occured at YD969067, hamlet of XUAN-LAI.  Patrol dispatched to area and distributed own leaflets.
-- 201500H  CAC-A6 patrol picked up 13 detainees with no ID at YD816185.  1 Male and 1 Female believed to be VCs.  1 Female confirmed VC.  Detainees taken to CAC-A HQ.

22 Oct

-- 220415H  CAC-H1 fired on 2 possible VC at YD924107.  Started to sweep area and had to stop due to jamming of weapons.  Results: 1 KIA(P).
-- 221030H  CAC-A7 detained 2 female VC suspects at YD815167.  Detainees taken to CAC-A HQ.
-- 221300H  Co.E Marine was wounded in right arm at YD905001 while blowing dud 105mm Round.  USMC MedEvaced to A-Med.
-- 222130H  Co.E patrol made contact with approx 15 VC at YD895095.  5 VC were seen hit by M-79 rounds.  Swept area at first light finding 1 automatic ChiCom rifle, 2 magazines, 1 M-26 grenade, 2 sandals covered with blood, 2 soft covers, 2 straw covers, 10 rice baskets, 2 used battle dressings, 1 notebook, and numerous pools of blood.  Results: 5 VC KIA(P).

23 Oct

-- 230930H  L/3/26 reported dud illum round misfired and drifted into NAM HOA village at YD758140 and started fire which destroyed 3 houses at approx 0500H.  Initial investigation underway.
-- 231020H  3dMT Bn wrecker attempting to pass another vehicle at ZD115014 went over embankment falling 50 meters to bottom of ravine.  2 USMC received minor injuries and treated by Corpsman.
-- 231125H  MCB-121 lead jeep of a 3 jeep convoy hit anti-tank mine at YD856095 resulting in 3 USN KIA.
-- 231200H  CAC-A3 at YD944128 reported 1 VN male kidnapped by VC at PhuBai 5.  Believe reason for kidnapping was because he wouldn't relay false information to Marines and PF's.  He was believed taken to KIN TAC.
-- 231320H  CAC-H2 reported helicopter downed at YD925050.  G/2/3 has Plt guarding helicopter.
-- 232400H  Operation LIBERTY II terminated.

24 Oct

-- 241200H  Co.H patrol spotted 1 VN male at YD914104 standing behind hedgerow, flashing signals with a small mirror back towards the village in a NE direction.  Detained same.
-- 241900H  Co.G patrol point made contact with 4 VC males and 1 VC female at YD963048.  Swept area finding 1 VC KIA(C), 1 AK-47 Rifle, 5 cans secura, 1 gal Soybean oil, 2 Black P.J. tops, 1 poncho and assortment of papers with VC writing.  1 civilian wounded in fire fight, and taken to CAC-H3.  1 USMC WIA (minor).
-- 241905H  CAC-A6 reported the VN military vehicle hit a mine and was ambushed by unknown number of VC vic YD824180.  CAC-A6 checked area finding vehicle completely destroyed, 1 ARVN KIA and 6 ARVN WIA.
-- 242200H  CAC-H5 at ZD087007 received approx 9 60mm mortar rounds landing in CP.  Minor damage toCP.  Believed that VC used same mortar site used in mortar attack on CP on night of 19 Oct 67, at ZD085004.  Results: 2 USMC WIA..

25 Oct

-- 250400H  CAC-A1 patrol was walking down trail at YD883163 in a Southerly direction.  When patrol came within 10 meters E2/2/26 opened fire on CAC-A1.  Cease fire was callen when E2 actual heard CAC-A1 calling for Medic.  Green pop-up was fired.  CAC-A1 deviated from previously coordinated patrol route which caused them to walk into E2 patrol.  2/26 was not notified of deviation.  Results: 1 USMC KIA.
-- 250720H  PhuLoc District HQ began receiving incoming 82mm mortar rounds.  25 rounds hit at ZD097007.  Gunship ... [remaining text illegible].
-- 251700H  Co.G Kit Carson scouts with patrol interrogated a woman at YD959041.  She admitted that VC came to her house for rice every night.  House contained 3500 lbs of rice.  Detainee turned over to CIT.
-- 252330H  Company reported a seriously ill Marine at YD985048.  Corpsman determined that man was suffering from appendicitis.  Marine MedEvaced.

26 Oct

-- 261400H  Two detainees were picked up vic YD908112 who were on the National Police Black List.  Detainees taken to PMO.

27 Oct

-- 270215H  Co.F 1stPlt and CAC-H1 at YD91731038 received 6 rounds 60mm mortars landing 75-100 meters away.  Returned SAF towards treeline at YD925094.  Checked around found tips for 60mm mortars and propaganda papers.
-- 270900H  2/26 Minesweep reported VC attempting to destroy bridge at ZD071011.  Western portion was 30% destroyed.  Civilians informed bridge blown between 0600-0700H.  Bridge is passable.
-- 271100H  A member of a VC transportation Plt turned himself into District Huong Thus HQ.  The Chieu Hoi had an AK-43, 3 magazines, 2 ChiCom grenades and 50 rounds.
-- 271800H  CAC-A1 detained 1 man at YD814175 because of suspicious activities on 26 Oct.  Man taken to CAC-A HQ for interrogation.

28 Oct

-- 280815H  Minesweep from PhuBai reported finding a mine of approx 12-15 lbs. of TNT at ZD058021.  Mine was blown in place.
-- 281955H  CAC-A2 observed 6 lights moving towards the compound from other side of river at YD924159.  Arty mission called with excellent target coverage.  At 0800H patrol checked area and were told 6 VC were killed.  Swept area with negative results.
-- 282000H  VC (18 years old) with shrapnel wound on right side turned himself in to Co.F at YD959069.  VC had 1 semi-automatic weapon with him.  VC was taken to A-Med for medical attention and then turned over to District Chief, PhuLoc District.

29 Oct

-- 291130H  National Police detained 5 persons, 1 female was on black list of HUE National Police, other 4 had false or no ID cards.  All detainees taken at Gia Lo.  4 detainees were released.
-- 292230H  CAC-H4 at ZD039024 spotted 7 to 9 VC approx 40 meters from bridge.  CAC-H4 later spotted 4 VC on road at ZD035026 heading west.  Opened fire on VC.  VC returned SAF.  Reactionary force was called and they pursued enemy with negative results.  1 VC KIA(P).

30 Oct

-- 302000H  Co.F patrol sprung ambush on 6 VC at YD951074.  Called for illum and swept area finding 3 KIA(C) and 3 KIA(P).  Captured 1 AK-47, 1 Chinese carbine, 1 bolt action carbine, 1 helmet, 2 cartridge belts and 1 poncho.
-- 302100H  CAC-H8 patrol sprung ambush on 10 VC at YD951074.  Swept area resulting in 3 VC KIA(C) and 2 VC KIA(P).  Captured 1 AK-47, 1 type 50 Machine gun, 1 M-1 carbine, 1 ChiCom grenade, 1 cartridge belt, and small amount of medical gear.
-- 302305H  Co.E reported that bridge at ZD098006 was blown.  Bridge was split in middle and impasable.  1 USN WIA (minor).
-- 300945H  CAC-H HQ at ZD097006 received 5 incoming 82mm Mortar Rds.  All rds landed in CP.  20 Rds 105 Arty and 40 Rds 81mm Mortars were fired in counter mortar fire.  Machine guns fired at suspected positions at ZC097986.  Company unit 300 meters from mortar position swept area and found medical supplies, French currency, 13 ID cards, uniform (possible NVA), maps designating fields of fire and large cache of rice in containers, 1-55 Gar drum, 2 100 lb bags, 2 large baskets and large vase of rice all at YD964035.  1 Detainee being held.  4 Vietnamese troops WIA (minor).

02 Nov

-- 021025H  3dMT Bn truck overturned on bridge at YD670270 killing 1 USMC and badly hurting another.  Recovered truck.

03 Nov

-- 031920H  CAC-A6 reported that a VN jeep hit a mine on Hwy #1 at YD816185.  No one was injured.

04 Nov

-- 042300H  HQBn on perimeter heard two explosions and small arms fire.  one of the bunkers waws hit by SAF from YD897155.  Fired illum with negative results.

05 Nov

-- 051715H  CAC-H6 reported 2 CB personnel were shot in the back at Nuoc Ngot Bridge at ZD148020 by RF stationed there.  CAC-H6 sent patrol to check shooting.  MedEvac called and completed.  At 1630H L/3/26 Chopped OPCON.  2/26 Assumed OPCON of M/3/26.

06 Nov

-- 061030H  CAC-A1 PF patrol at YD871186 received 5 60mm mortar rds and 1000 rds of small arms fire from 1 platoon of VC (strength 75).  PF patrol returned fire and sent messenger to CAC-A1 requesting assistance.  3 PF's WIA and MedEvaced.  AO and Huey checked out area with negative results.
-- 061945H  Co.E patrol at ZC083996 was fired upon by unknown number ofVC.  Patrol returned fire and called Illum.  1 USMC WIA.  Swept area with negative results.  WIA MedEvaced.
-- 061945H  Co.H on bridge security at YD838176 reported jeep stopped 100 meters east of bridge to investigate VN women carrying baskets.  When baskets were opened, booby traps and grenades were found.  At that time a grenade was thrown resulting in 2 PF's WIA and disabling jeep.  Persons carrying baskets escaped.  Called Illum. and PF's returned SAF.  4 baskets were found in the area.
-- 062230H  MAG-36 patrol observed force of unknown size following patrol at YD885167.  Patrol opened fire resulting in 1 VC KIA(P).
-- 062055H  CAC-H2 ambush made contact with 12-15 VC at YD 944071.  1 USMC WIA (minor).  Swept area with neg. results.
-- 062245H  CAC-A3B patrol and CAC-A3B2 secondary patrol were dispatched at YD908112.  CAC-A3B's rear element opened fire on 1 VC at 7 meters, continuing to cover area by fire.  At same time forward element came into heavy contact with estimated force of 58.  Illumination called and reaction force was sent to link up with patrols.  Swept area and found 2 VC KIA(C), 3 VC KIA(P), and blood trails.  Captured 3 AK-47's, 3 magazines, 1 cartridge belt and 1 grenade.

07 Nov

-- 071215H  Co.G patrol found 1 VN female with arm severed off below elbow at YD925065 from artillery strike at YD901022 and a male at YD903025 with deep cut in rear end.  Patrol reported that 2 VN injured were civilian woodcutters who were working with their families in area.  Villagers report there were no VC in area.  At 1715 young girl came to CAC-H2 wounded in shoulder from arty strike; girl MedEvaced to A-Med.  2/26 filed a serious incident report.
-- 071830H  FAC/2/26 received info from recon that secondary explosions were heard when TPQ's were dropped in Vic of ZC0595 Grid Square.

08 Nov

-- 081845H  Co.E patrol engaged estimated 40 VC at ZC089001 to ZC090994 carrying machine guns, auto-wpns and unknown number of mortars.  Enemy was very well camouflaged.  VC returned fire, withdrew and returned approx 7 rds of 60mm mortar rds.  Swept area finding 5 enemy KIA(C), 2 KIA(P) and captured 1 AK-47 magazines with rds, 1 maching gun with cannisters of ammo, 6 blocks of TNT, 5 AK-47 magazines with rds.  Counter mortar conducted with 60mm, 81mm mortars and 106 RR.  Air strikes conducted and spooky fire provided.  Detainee taken to District HQ.
-- 081940H  CAC-H7 reported that on 6 Nov H7A patrol engaged unknown number of VC in Thuy Duong, ZC189990.  AO called on station and directed arty mission on fleeing VC into mountains.  AO reports excellent target coverage.  PF reported that villagers said 10 VC were killed.

09 Nov

-- 091630H  Advisory Team #5 reported 10 ARVN's injured by anti-personnel mine at YD875177.
-- 091830H  Co.G and MAG-16 reported accidental dropping of ordance at YD897149.  Slight damage to one chopper.
-- 092100H  M/3/26 reported that at 0815H a patrol sighted 20 VC suspects within TAOR.  Group split up into 3 groups and moved into dense undergrowth.  Consulted with Armyu Advisoroy Team #5 and was advised to consider suspects as VC.  81mm WP flushed 53 suspects who were apprehended and turned over to Advisory Team #5.

10 Nov

-- 101200H  S-5/2/26 reported people from hamlet Xom Con Quan at YD954105 (approx 240) moved to Loc Son (YD933085) because VC activities and demands of food from them made them decide to go live in a more secure area.
-- 101730H  Co.H bridge security at YD903189 picked up 1 detainee, who is believed to be tax collector and assassin in that area.  Detainee turned over to ITT.

11 Nov

-- 110430H  S-3A 2/26 with National Police picked up 1 detainee at YD782140 who is a political cadre and is on black list at District HQ.  Detainee turned over to National Police.

12 Nov

-- 12____H  Capt C.O. Broughton assumes Command of Co.H, replacing Capt S.M. Hartman.
-- 122340H  CAC-A3B patrol made contact with approx 10 VC at YD908112.  1 USMC WIA.  Swept area and found 1 wounded female in house 100 meters from ambush site.  VN female and USMC MedEvaced to A-Med.

13 Nov

-- 130215H  CAC-A HQ received 1 rd of either mortar or rocket fire at YD848171.  Rd landed outside CP.  One house on fire.
-- 131600H  Assumed OPCON of C/1/4.
-- 131915H  CAC-H1 reported 1 VN village official was playing cards, he lost his money, got drunk and threw a hand grenade (M-26) into a house at YD928103 killing two civilians and wounding 7.  MedEvac called and completed.  Man turned over to CAC-H HQ.
-- 132115H  CAC-H3B patrol ambushed 6 6o 7 VC at YD954066.  Opened fire 1 VC hit by M-60 fire and fell.  VC returned fire and broke contact.  Swept area at 1st light and found 1 camouflaged helmet with blood on it, resulting in 1 KIA(P).  Also found 4 civilians wounded (minor).
-- 131745H  Co.G at ZD041024 reported one USN was injured riding in a 6x6 truck; has cracked rib or ruptured spleen.  1 VN woman 9 months pregnant with complications.  Emergency MedEvac by helo could not be completed.  Vehicles dispatched to CAC-H4.  Returning with MedEvacs halted by CAC-H3 contact.  Vehicles MedEvaced 1 USMC from CAC-H3.

14 Nov

-- 140400H  CAC-H2 on search mission vic YD913150 to YD914144 checked all males for ID cards.  Search secured at 1030H.  2 detainees were taken to District HQ by field police force.
-- 140715H  CAC-H6 reported that at ZD142010 VC ambushed village officials who sleep in CAC-H6 compound killing 2 ARVNs, 3 village officials, and one villager.  1 village official was wounded and MedEvaced.  CAC-H^ patrol swept area North through Nuoc Ngot.  1 detainee taken and turned over to CIT.
-- 141725H  Co.H bridge security fired one round into river.  One civilian injured and taken to CAC-A3 for treatment.

15 Nov

-- 151300H  CAC-A7B patrol during search of area at YD813176 found 1 completed camouflaged bunker and 1 partially built bunker in good condition.  Bunkers destroyed.
-- 152250H  CAC-A3B patrol spotted 1 VC in rice paddy at YD899114.  Opened fire resulting in one VC KIA(C).  At same time VC in tree line opened fire on patrol.  Patrol returned fire and swept area finding 2 VC KIA(C) and 1 Ak-47 and 1 Soviet 7.62 Submachine gun,  1 civilian was wounded and MedEvaced.

16 Nov

-- 160900H  CAC-H3 PF patrol found VC propaganda leaflets at YD977072.  Leaflets were collected and turned over to CIT.
-- 161400H  CAC-H6 Marines and PFs while on patrol in village of They Yan detained 2 individuals as blacklisted.  Detainees turned over to CIT..

17 Nov

-- 170300H  CAC-H7 patrol received fire from PRU patrol at ZD199012.  CAC patrol fired back and then called cease fire.  Incident resulted in 2 non-battle casualties, both MedEvaced.
-- 171200H  2dBn 26thMarines Chop OPCON to 4thMarines.
-- 171450H  CAC-A HQ reported 1 USMC was hit by one S/A round in right thigh vic YD849171.  Round came from passing vehicle or nearby hills occupied by PFs.  MedEvaced by vehicle.
-- 171800H  CAC-A1 sent reactionary force to assist PF unit vic YD872185 which had made contact with an estimated VC Plt.  Arty Illum and HE called but later had to be cancelled due to poor communications.  Sweep of area at first light revealed blood trails and drag marks.

18 Nov

-- 180830H  Vic YD910080 2dPlt C/1/4 spotted 9 VN in boat moving south.  When VN spotted Marines they attempted to turn around.  Boat stopped; VN questioned and found two females without IDs.  Women turned over to 15th ITT.
-- 181455H  Vic ZC091955 the 2d Plt F/2/26 received 9 rounds 60mm mortar.  Returned with 60mm mortars from Co.F's position and 81mm from Co.E's position.  1 USMC WIA (minor).  Made sweep of area, found only bare foot prints..

19 Nov

-- 192030H  CAC-H8B sprung ambush on 30-40 VC at YD974044.  Reactionary force was sent to assist.  Results: 3 USMC WIA (1 MedEvaced), 2 PF WIA (MedEvaced), 7 VC KIA(C) and 4 VC KIA(P).  3 AK-47, 1 US carbine, 5 ChiCom grenades, 14 AK-47 magazines, 3 packs and 2 cartridge belts were captured.
-- 192250H  CAC-A3B engaged approx 25 VC at YD908107.  VC returned fire and broke contact.  Results: 2 VC KIA(C), 1 AK-47, 1 K-44 and assorted equipment captured.  Swept area at first light and found 3 drag trails with blood resulting in 3 VC KIA(P).

21 Nov

-- 211130H  Vic AU805049 CAC-H1 stated 2 children tripped booby trap in village of Binh An, killing one and injuring the other.  Treated child and called MedEvac.
-- 211500H  Chopped OPCON of C/1/4 to 4thMarines.
-- 211630H  Vic YD933084 a dog tripped a flare in CAC-H2 perimeter.  Marine fired on dog, round ricocheted and hit VN child in head.  MedEvaced child to A-Med.  S-5 notified.
-- 211800H  OPERATION COVE Terminated.  2dBn 26thMarines Chopped OPCON to 3dMarDiv.

22 Nov

-- 222100H  CAC-A HQ reported that VC blew up bridge vic YD851173.  Bridge not on Hwy #1.  PFs swept area with negative results.
-- 222115H  Vic YD8813 Co.H reported that one USMC attempted suicide by cutting both wrists.  Marine MedEvaced to A-Med.  Marine was US in DaNang and apprehended by MPs.  Believed to be mentally ill.
-- 222215H  Vic ZD140017 CAC-H received info from PFs that 1 male VC will be at above coord tonite.  Patrol sent and detained 1 male.  Turned over to CIT.

23 Nov

-- 230400H  Vic YD744134, M/3/26 reported a Marine with gunshot wound in leg.  Wound superficial.  Incident investigated and found to be self inflicted.

24 Nov

-- 241325H  Vic F Sector of PhuBai Perimeter a wounded ARVN was brought to gate.  ARVN was shot in head as a result of training.  ARVN was medevaced to A-Med.
-- 241600H  Co.G patrol stopped 19 VN carring excessive amounts of fuel and food.  People said they were taking food and fuel to vic YD778141 to give to VC.  19 VN were detained and turned over to ITT.  Some of the detainees reported a mine field on Tien Lan Hill at YD793138.  2/26 investigated and found a number of booby traps..
-- 241745H  Chopped OPCON M/3/26 to 4thMarines.  B/1/9 Chopped OPCON from 1/9 to 2dBn 26thMarines.
-- 242130H  CAC-A7 patrol moving to ambush site spotted 3 VC at YD799188 moving towards highway.  Patrol opened fire and VC returned fire from all around patrol.  VC broke contact.  1 friendly WIA (minor).
-- 242345H  CAC-A6 patrol while set in ambush at YD818174 heard dogs barking.  Patrol moved to area and set up.  A whistle was heard.  1 PF from patrol returned whistle as he ran from ambush site.  PF believed to have been VC.

25 Nov

-- 250925H  Co.G found 2,500 lb cache of rice at YD779139.  Man said VC come to his area every 2 or 3 days for food.  Man was detained and turned over to CIT.
-- 251330H  Vic YD697255 MCB-3 reported CB truck hit a road mine.  2 CBs received minor wounds.
-- 251900H  Vic YD965034 CAC-H8B apprehended 1 female.  PF recognized her as a VC coordinator.  Detainee turned over to CIT.

26 Nov

-- 262250H  Co.E on bridge security at YD949069 observed 1 booby trap set off near bridge.  Co.E received 15 rounds SAF and 1 grenade, returned fire, bridge maintained 100% security throughout the night.

27 Nov

-- 271000H  Co.F at YD791129 found the wreckage of an aircraft scattered over an area of 250x100 meters.  Engine was burned.  The plane had 14 2.75 rockets on it.  Wreckage was a couple of months old.  EOD will destroy on 29 Nov.
-- 271530H  Co.E at YD979052 had one Marine have an accidental discharge with a .45 cal pistol, wounding himself in the foot.

28 Nov

-- 280830H  Co.F detained 8 VN males of military age at YD895075.  One turned out to be a PF from CAC-A3, the other 7 were turned over to ITT.
-- 280900H  CAC-H7 at ZD201010 saw a man examining their defensive wire.  Man detained and turned over to CIT.
-- 282100H  CAC-H8B sprung ambush on 10 VC vic YD963043.  Approx 40 VC followed in trace of the 10, surrounding and bringing heavy fire on ambush.  Reactionary force called and linked up.  The two forces fought their way out, but were unable to retrieve VC KIAs.  Searched area and found 9 VC KIA(C), numerous blood trails and captured 7 AK-47s, 150 rds AK-47 ammo, 2 M-26 and 9 ChiCom grenades, 20 AK-47 magazines, numerous documents, 3 packs, ponchos, clothing and 5 cartridge belts.  Civilians said that H8B ambushed 20-30 VC which was the point for a company, estimated strength 100.  Civilians also reported VC took 10 KIAs and had with them numerous WIAs, 3 of which were female.

29 Nov

-- 290200H  CAC-A HQ was informed that VC blew bridge vic YD851173.  Bridge 25% destroyed.  Bridge not on Hwy #1.
-- 291115H  Vic YD836162, CAC-A6A found 1 female washing NVA uniform.  Woman questioned and detained.  Woman then pointed out 2 spider holes with NVA gear and 2 VC.  VC fired on A6A, patrol returned fire and threw grenade in hole resulting in 2 VC KIA(C) and 1 POW.  Captured 1 AK-47, 1 PP 1943, 500 AK-50 rounds, 28 ChiCom grenades, 2 lbs TNT, 4 Chinese claymore mines, 1 .45 pistol magazine, 1 BAR magazine, 2 flags, 2 radio batteries, 1 camera, 25 bottles penicillin, 25 syringes, 10 rolls of gauze and 1 NVA uniform.
-- 291330H  Vic 875181, While CAC-A1 was checking houses, saw 2 females believed to be VC sympathizers.  Detained women and search of house revealed distilled water, 1 M-26 grenade, (1) 1/4 full bottle of penicillin, syringe and various pills.
-- 292000H  Co.G reported spotting movement vic ZD097004.  Called for Illum and spotted figures.  Co.G opened fire.  Swept area and found 2 freshly dug holes.  Villagers reported 1 VC KIA and 1 WIA.

30 Nov

-- 301640H  CAC-A6 reported 2 male children 5-6 yrs old were injured when they broke an old blasting cap at YD809163.  Children treated at CAC-A6 and sent to A-Med.
-- 301830H  CAC-H in combined activity with S-2 unit from PhuLoc Dist HQ swept village of BIN AN (AU8005).  CAC-H7 picked up 20 detainees which were turned over to Dist HQ.  Found 5 spider traps 5'x5'x4' made of cement blocks, roof of lumber, tin and reinforced concrete at AU801055.  Spider traps destroyed.
-- 301900H  CAC-H6 while in blocking position picked up 2 detainees vic ZD198054.  Detainees reported 8 VC were coming toward CAC-H6 position.  CAC-H6 spotted VC and opened fire.  Swept area and found 1 M-2 magazine and 1 flashlight.
-- 302115H  Co.F patrol (FA9) was fired on by unknown number of VC vic YD787136.  During fire fight VC set off explosive device.  Fire was returned by FA9, fired hand illum and pulled to join forces with FA7 and FA8.  Swept area with neg. results.  2 USMC WIA (MedEvaced).
-- 302130H  Co.F patrol (FA1), while in ambush site vic YD961053, were fired on with auto-wpns by VC who came behind and through rear security.  FA1 returned fire and VC broke contact.  FA12 was sent to assist.  Results of action: 2 USMC KIA, 2 USMC WIA (MedEvaced).  Area swept with neg. results.

01 Dec

-- 012030H  Co.F patrol encountered 20 VC at YD954061.  The patrol took the enemy under fire, VC broke contact.  Sweep of area revealed 3 VC KIA(C), 3 AK-47 wpns and assorted 782 gear.  The patrol suffered one friendly KIA.

03 Dec

-- 032115H  Approximately 25 VC walked into a Co.F reinf squad ambush.  Ambush initiated by 2 Claymore mines.  Enemy returned SAF and broke contact.  Sweep of area revealed 5 VC KIA(C), 1 AK-47 and 3 SKS Carbines.  The Marines of the ambush then received one B-40 rocket round and 200 rds SAF.  Ambush returned fire and contact was broken for second time.  Results of second encounter: 1 USMC KIA and 4 USMC WIA.

04 Dec

-- 04____H  LtCol F.J. Heath assumes command 2dBn 26thMarines, replacing LtCol D. Chaplin.
-- 041845H  Co.H patrol made contact with 8 VC at YD758143.  The point of the patrol yelled out "Chieu Hoi".  VC ran and were pursued by fire by the patrol.  Called illumination and sweep of area revealed 2 VC KIA(C) and assorted equipment.

06 Dec

-- 06____H  Co.G(-) provided security for convoy from PhuBai to DaNang.
-- 061855H  Vic YD753124, B/1/9 received 35 rds of 82mm fire.  Returned counter mortar fire.  VC broke contact.  Results of action: 5 USMC KIA, 2 USMC WIA, 1 USN WIA.

07 Dec

-- 07____H  Co.G provided security for convoy from DaNang to PhuBai.

08 Dec

-- 080820H  A 2-1/2 ton truck hit a land mine while enroute to Co.H's position.  Right front side of truck completely demolished.  2 USMC were wounded and MedEvaced.
-- 081515H  B/1/9 received an agent report that 150 VC armed with 2 mortars were moving into grid squares YD701_  [last digit not clear]   and YD7014.  Fired 81s into above grid squares.  A later report stated 6 new graves in area.

12 Dec

-- 120200H  Co.H bridge security squad fired one 60mm illumination round.  Round failed to detonate and impacted into a VN house injuring 2 VN.  The VN were MedEvaced.

13 Dec

-- 131030H  One NVA radio operator rallied at the Chieu Hoi Center at Cau Hai.  He stated that he was attached to 1stBn, 9th NVA Regt and that his Battalion is in PhuLoc District.  He indicated the strength of his Battalion to be 500 men.  Their mission was to attack the Troui River Bridge (YD967063).  At 1030 this date one VC rallied at the ARVN garrison on the Troui Bridge (YD966064).  His job had been assistant squad leader and he was attached to the C-117 Local Force Company.

14 Dec

-- 141845H  Co.F patrol received fire from YD971052 while enroute to ambush site.  Point man saw 1 VC, fired, saw the man fall and went over to check the body.  When 2 VC opened fire at him, the point man returned to the main body.  The 2 VC picked up the dead VC and carried him off.  Results of action: 1 VC KIA(C).

15 Dec

-- 15____H  B/1/9 was relieved as Nam Hoa Rock Crusher security by D/1/9.
-- 151910H  Co.E ambush spotted 5 VC vic YD945055.  Sprung ambush and VC broke contact.  Results of action: 2 VC KIA(C), one automatic wpn and several documents.

16 Dec

-- 16____H  Co.E(Reinf) and 100 VN National Police from HUE ran a cordon and search operation in NAM PHO CAN(1) and (2) [YD962051 and YD958041], in order to determine whether VC/NVA were staging arms and ammunition for an expected attack upon the strategic Troui River Bridge (YD967063) on National Route 1.  Search revealed no caches of arms or ammunition.

20 Dec

-- 201300H  Sparrow Hawk was alerted when a UHE1 helicopter went down at YD793103 due to mechanical trouble.  The Sparrow Hawk was lifted by helicopter and landed in order to provide security for the repair personnel.  The downed helicopter was then lifted out and Sparrow Hawk returned to Phu Bai.

22 Dec

-- 222050H  Co.E ambush at YD903093 spotted 50 VC.  The VC were employing flank security.  The flanks saw the ambush and ambush was sprung immediately.  VC returned small arms and mortar fire.  The ambush called for counter mortar fire and artillery support.  Results of action: 1 USMC KIA.  Sweep of area revealed 1 pair binoculars and assorted equipment.

23 Dec

-- 231920H  Vic YD970064, Marine from Co.F was attacked by one VC while he was setting up a Claymore mine at an ambush site.  Marine gave VC a butt stroke with rifle, however the VC cut him above the eye and on the cheek, and then fled.  The Marine fired and threw a grenade, however he could not see due to blood in eyes.*nbsp; Results: 1 USMC WIA.

24 Dec

-- 242210H  Vic YD960080, a Co.F ambush spotted 10-15 VC moving toward their position.  initiated ambush and saw 2 VC fall.  As the VC fled they ran into another Co.F ambush at YD955086 which also opened fire on 3 VC.  Called illumination and searched area resulting in 2 VC KIA(C) and 5 VC KIA(P).

28 Dec

-- 28____H  Co.H assigned 4thMarines Regimental Reserve for Operation NEOSHE.

30 Dec

-- 300830H  Co.H released as 4thMarines Regimental Reserve.

01 Jan

-- 011200H  Co.H relieved D/1/9 at Nam Hoa Rock Quarry.  D/1/9 moved to Camp Evans and was Chopped to the 4th Marines.

02 Jan

-- 02____H  Co.G moved to blocking positions opposite Phu Tu Peninsula in support of ARVN Operation LAM SON 170.

04 Jan

-- 04____H  2/26 Call Sign changed from HERITAGE to HASTY FOOT.
-- 042040H  Co.H fired at 3 VC near the wall of a Royal Tomb adjacent to the Rock Quarry at Nam Hoa (YD743133).  One VC was hit and observed lying near the wall.  The other two disappeared over the tomb wall.  A sweep of the area at first light revealed that the one VC who had been hit had been dragged away.  A cordon and search of the Tomb was conducted with PFs from the Nam Hoa District HQ with negative results.

05 Jan

-- 051205H  Scout Sniper Team operating with a squad from F/2/26 found a punji pit with a booby trapped ChiCom grenade at YD775126.  The pit and booby trap were destroyed.  The Scout Sniper Team/Co.F squad are a specially organized team organized to operate in an area known to include one of the VC's primary lines of resupply.  This area is not within the PhuBai TAOR.  Permission to operate within this area had previously been granted by the ARVN via 3dMarDiv COC.

09 Jan

-- 091330H  Co.F Marine was wounded by Sniper Fire at YD795797 while providing security for a MCB road patching crew.  The sniper was not located.

12 Jan

-- 122000H  Squad ambush from Co.E initiated an ambush against 6 to 9 VC at approximately 50 meters distance resulting in 1 VC KIA(C) and 1 Thompson Sub-machinegun captured.

13 Jan

-- 13____H  Issued Battalion Order 4-68 disseminating to all the Companies the concept of movement for the Battalion to Dong HA.

14 Jan

-- 14____H  The Battalion Advance Party led by the XO left for DongHa to establish a Battalion Camp Area.

15 Jan

-- 151200H  Relieved of responsibility for the PhuBai TAOR by the 5th Marines.
-- 151730H  Received word via telephone from 3dMarDiv that the Battalion's destination was changed from Dong Ha to Khe Sanh and that 2/26 would be chopped to the 26thMarines.